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  1. I want to see what Eason has. I was never a fan of the Wentz signing to begin with. So lets see what the kid has.
  2. I understand that's what they want. My point is maybe they need to learn from their own mistakes. Well Irsay anyways.
  3. Just my opinion. But does he have to get the highest contract ever? Hes a great qb. But thats what got us in trouble in the manning years. We Paid the Offense so much. And then our defense suffered. As much as I hate the pats, take a page from them. Give him a good contract. But doesnt have to be highest ever. That way you leave room for other players. And be able to build a team around Luck. And Im not talking about going and signing all top FA's but some players that are good. Dont all have to be great. Learn from the past.
  4. Please no. He is to ld. And cant stay healthy. If youre gonna go after a vet. Bring in cobb.
  5. So he would make our Defense exactly the same? I think you ment 180. But I agree we should sign Suh. And I would rather have Murry then an unproven Rb. We need a real threat at rb. Not another could be.
  6. I don't know if anyone has suggested this before. But I have felt for awhile. And after this weekend I feel even more. That we start Moncrief over Nicks. Nicks hasn't impressed me at all. And it seems like when Moncrief gets his shot. He does a great job.
  7. Unless Trich is out for the year. He will get his spot back. They gave up a 1st rd pick for him. They wont give up on him that easily.
  8. Do we look at trying to trade for him, if the 49ers cant reach an agreement with him? I Depending on what it would cost. I think we gotta at least look at it. Esp with a couple linemen already going down.
  9. I think they should go with a black pants and blue jersey.
  10. Well if he would stop running straight into the line backwards. Maybe he could have done something. He is a excellent receiving back. Still think Ballard should be starter. But they didnt give up a 1st rounder for him.
  11. I dont see it in 2014. But if he can play for 2 or 3 more years. no question. He might get the yards, but doubtful with all the targets we have now.
  12. He was a the president of the united states. And hes been dead for over a hundred years...
  13. Would you *s quit voting for him? The curse is real!!!!!
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