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  1. Yeah, because Buckner will help out Houston while demanding double teams.
  2. Yeah, he looks good to me and he'll only get better sitting behind Rivers. But Ballard said he has to make the team that should give him great motivation and yes I agree he is very talented.
  3. Wasn't there another Eason that played for the Patriots in the 80's?
  4. Not just a backup OT but one that can start at least next year and hopefully not this year.
  5. Yeah, I agree I also like what Ballard said about his work ethic "He's got to make the team". So to me if that don't make him work hard nothing will.
  6. Eason might do something in the preseason..lol
  7. Buckner but in the actual draft Taylor.
  8. Bring this back up about three years from now and I can give you a real answer.
  9. Yeah, this kid going to really need to be coached up no doubt. But Ballard and co must see something they like. It may be two years until we see him start a regular season game.
  10. I believe this was the plan all along to bring in Rivers and also make him sort of a coach to our draft pick.
  11. The work ethic is a concern if true. What made Brady and Peyton so great they out worked everyone.
  12. Peyton never had mobility either does Brady and there still hall of famers.
  13. Yeah. I noticed that that's why I came on here.
  14. That's you can say right now is that it looks good on paper until they start playing when the lights come on.
  15. Yeah, I agree I'm a big fan of Ballard's we got the right guy running this franchise that's for sure. IMHO
  16. I agree we definitely need o-line depth. We also need a TE like you said I'm not big on Trey Burton. But even if I'm wrong about Burton we still need a TE.
  17. Yes, I hope our o-line has there best year yet.
  18. This guy can break it at anytime it appears I like it.
  19. How does everyone feel about drafting Anthony Gordon in the 4th round? QB from Washington State he had 5,579 yards and 48 TD’s 16 int’s. But he would learn from Reich and Rivers be coached up and may Be a diamond in the rough. I like this in the 4th round or 5th he’s 6’2 which is way he’ll be available in the later rounds.
  20. Yeah, it's a underwhelming signing.
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