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Super Bowl LVII Gameday discussion thread


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Gooooood morning Colts Nation! 


Today marks the end of an (for us embarrassing) season, as the MVP Mahomes and his Chiefs face the Eagles and their QB huntig, furious defensive front in Glendale AZ. 

Kickoff at 4:30 pm ET (00:30 am here). 


Excited to see if the old mantra "Defense wins championships" still counts in the offense driven league the NFL has become. 


I hope everybody has a good day with friends and/or family to enjoy the show. 


Get your snacks ready and your drinks cold! 


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1 hour ago, rockywoj said:

Is it just me or are these SB pregame shows almost unwatchable with the over the top faked enthusiasm, testosterone overload, and all the yelling over top of each other?


I find myself continually switching back to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. lol

I just finished watching the Puppy Bowl while eating crab legs, LOL. I watch the Puppy Bowl every year and always cheer for team Fluff (the blue ones) :)Happy to see they have won back to back championships :cheer:

I am never able to watch the SB pregame show from start to finish. It’s too much LOL

But I did like the “Road to the Superbowl” they showed earlier this afternoon :)

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