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    • Just aren’t in a place to say no to a QB in round one. 
    • Yep, and they suck. I think Levis is a bust. Depends on what whatever GM we will have thinks as well. IMO, if we have a shot at Stroud or Young, that's who we need to go after.
    • I actually had Mahomes and Allen as my top QBs in the 2017 and 2018 drafts. I said Mahomes would win a SB before Luck in 2018, and I also drafted Allen to the Broncos at 5 in the Gavin Mock draft in 2018 when we did it saying he was the best QB that year. Richardson seems more like a Lamar Jackson to me. That's great in theory, but Lamar improved as a passer and is an elite runner in the NFL, so that's Richardson's ceiling. I would love to get him at the top of the 2nd or a trade up in the end of the 1st with the 5th year option.
    • the Colts aren’t in a position to be picky and choosy just because they like a QB less than the 2 you mentioned. If the colts are top 5 and Levis is there you take Levis. You don’t trade back. You don’t draft OL. You take Levis.    have we not seen enough of Matt Ryan? Carson Wentz? Jacoby Brissett?    say we wait and are not top 5 in 2024 and you then have to compete with the other teams to get a QB. teams draft QB. Not a good idea to assume teams aren’t going to be QB needy in 2024 and assume we will get who we want.
    • Over drafted is just words if a guy turn out to be good we say the opposite, how did mahomes fall and josh Allen was there at 12 these teams missed on him etc… I think if we think he a guy that can be a good/great player you don’t worry about taking them some spots earlier than the so called draft experts say they should go, cause we know they barely get play projections right. But I would love to take a tackle in the first 1 if we get top 1-2 tackle and trade back in late 1st or earlier in 2nd and take Richardson if the other top 3 QB are gone
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