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Kicking Job Hot Rod's to lose

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Most here already assumed going back to last season once 100% healthy it was Hot Rod's job especially when Badgley sputtered down the stretch then no effort to resign him. Verity has a chance and was a Groza semi finalist when Hot Rod won it but Verity doesnt have the strongest leg while Hot Rod's range increased last off season so has better range.



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There will, and should, be competition at the kicker spot until someone comes along and blows away the competition.  Nothing against Hot Rod but there is room for improvement.  Either he does it or Ballard will keep looking to find someone who can. 

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The quote/vid I saw from Reich didn't exactly scream confidence. 


He's young and is hopefully improving. But I don't have a lot of confidence in his long range abilities, or clutch situations. I'll have to see him kick some game winners before I put South Carolina out of mind. 


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