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I love Stephen A.. He said the Colts are clearly the 3rd best team in the league. I even had us rated 4th. He said Jonathan Taylor is a bad man! lmao . About time baby.


His list was:

1. Packers

2. Chiefs

3. Colts

4. Cowboys

5. Bucs


My list:

1. Packers

2. Chiefs

3. Rams

4. Colts

5. Pats


-I never thought there would be a day where Stephen A would rank my Colts higher than I do. Only 1 spot but I damn near had a heart attack when I seen his list lmao . I was shocked he didn't have the Rams in the top 5. They struggled for a couple of weeks but they are loaded and they did beat us. After the Bucs got shutout I can't put them in my top 5 eventhough they are dangerous with the GOAT, Godwin is out for the year. Cowboys play in a weak division, if we were in their division we would win 12 games. My top 2 is hard to debate.

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