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We are not quite to the halfway point for the 2021 season - but - there have been MANY MANY surprises in the NFL thus far.


Rank - in order - your opinion on the following surprises:


*  Bengals are at the top of the AFC standings after week 7


*  Jon Gruden's scandalous exit from Las Vegas


*  Arizona Cardinals are undefeated thus far


*  Tom Brady "may" play until he is 50


*  Teams are actually interested in trading "draft capital" for Deshaun Watson who continues to hang in limbo as 22 accusations of sexual impropriety are investigated




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Jon Gruden - I don't really care what's going on here, but I guess this would be the most shocking surprise..

Bengals - I never would have thought.. I figured they were a couple years away.

Arizona - Just surprised they are still undefeated

Tom Brady - nothing surprises me anymore with this dude... he probably holds the cure for cancer

I figured Deshaun wouldn't stay in Houston even with all the accusations.


But what even is the halfway point of the season now?! a Wednesday between the 8-9 week?! haha

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1. Gruden - Definitely didn't expect this to happen. Thought he would be around for another couple years at least.

2. Bengals- I thought they'd be better this season but not this good yet. I still think they're kinda overachieving. I think they'll tail off a bit.

3. Arizona - Thought they'd finally take a step forward with another year of Murray. He's been playing at a high level. Green and Moore are big additions. Hopkins is a top 3 WR. Their defense got better too.

4. Brady - He's just making fun of "father time" now.

5. Watson - I'm not surprised at all. He's a top 5 QB when he's on his game. He's a franchise QB too. Those are hard to come by. I'm not surprised some teams are willing to gamble there. Some teams will put up anything as long as they win.

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1.  Given Watson's uncertain status going forward - I wouldn't be willing to give up any draft capital at this point in time.  Houston is asking waaaay too much for a QB that may be sidelined indefinitely due to criminal investigations including the FBI.


2.  Jon Gruden!!  NEVER liked the man - on the sideline - or - the TV booth.  His ONLY "claim to fame" was taking TONY DUNGY'S Bucs to the Super Bowl.  Finding out what kind of man he is - was shocking.


3.  Cincinnati Bengals are legit - sooner rather than later !!  Who would've thought - given the decision makers in the front office???


4.  Arizona Cardinals - I didn't expect them to rise this high in this short a period of time.  Another NFL team with a historically questionable front office.  Kudos to FINALLY looking at the product on the field - and - building for the future.


5.  Tom Brady.  Lordy - if their is any one player in NFL history that might actually pull that off - it's Brady.  Gotta hate him for his Patriot days - but - gotta admire his unbelievable physical & emotional preparation for gameday.  Plus - I hate Belichick a smidgen more than I hate TB - so he gets extra points for taking the Bucs to the Super Bowl year one away from Bill.


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