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Manning To Miami? (Merge)


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Manning is the "ONLY" QB in the NFL who could roll up into Denver and "squash" Tebow mania....

And as far as that goes I think Tebow would be thrilled to get the chance to "learn" behind the best. The more I think about Denver the the more I like this destination.

Manning has shown that he's not a good mentor. The performance of his backup was pathetic. What would Tebow learn with Manning taking every snap? Same as Curtis Painter learned.

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I think the best thing for PM is to sign quickly, that way if he doesn't get back to 100% he has already found a team and isn't on the outside looking in. Even if let's say his arm only gets back to 85%. His ability of reading the D and his vision on the field will at least offset the arm issue.

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Agreed, but the Colts have the better quarterback at the moment in Andrew Luck (assuming we pick him), the Colts have better TEs, the Colts have better 3-4 OLBs, the Colts have better safeties (Bethea > Bell), and the special teams is better for the Colts. Remember, the Colts have the draft.

I think it's hard to say who has the better OLBs. Cameron Wake has shown he can get it done in the NFL, but we have no idea how any of our LBs will do in the 3-4 because they haven't played in it yet. Plus, Miami has guys like Vontae Davis in the secondary

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