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  1. I think one thing that will help us is that Luck has some legs to run. Not that he needs to run a ton, I think this might buy him some time to maybe get outside the pocket and hit our WR's. That is something we really never had w/ Peyton. Peyton runs like a drunken down syndrome kid. At least if Luck gets outside the pocket and runs maybe once or twice a game it should at least keep the opponents D honest. I don't care what Andrew's stats are as long as we are winning games or he's not the cause of a bunch of turnovers that take us out of games.
  2. needs more emoticon........Luck with a rockin neckbeard
  3. If the Colts did do it...............they would do it with style and class
  4. I would still like to see this happen at least once in his NFL career.
  5. I did read somewhere that Jake Long was wanting out of Miami
  6. Yes it did feel a little wierd but also felt good at the same time.
  7. From what I have read, looks like he might be done. One article said that if the Chiefs actually did make an offer that it would probably be just a minimum deal.
  8. TBH i am excited about our defense for this upcoming season.
  9. With his ability to run i think he gets at least 6-7 rushing TD's. Passing TD's in the 20's and i'll go with 12 INT's. Yardage wise i will go with 3700-3800.
  10. nor will they in future years after trading away all those picks to get him
  11. I liked the guy's outlook for next season. Do i personally think we are a playoff team, no. I thnk we can win a decent amount of games. New coach, new players............how is it we still have debbie downers around here.
  12. From Yahoo Andrew Luck is joining the Indianapolis Colts as the new face of the franchise. Luck is coming to a team that had the worst record in the NFL in 2011. Peyton Manning is gone and this is now Andrew Luck's team. The top two picks in the draft are clearly Luck and Robert Griffin III and the two have been compared throughout the whole process. Many think that Griffin is walking in to a better situation and said throughout the draft that Luck is joining a very poor team. I think Indianapolis has done a lot to improve the roster and is already much better than many think. This post has be
  13. I give it a A-. I think they could have done just a little bit better later in the draft. Excited for the season to start......LET'S GO COLTS!
  14. Those smal fast WR's can stretch the field in a hurry opening up the thows underneath. Don't know why people think you need 6'5" WR's to be successful. I think we will be fine with what we have. If Luck puts in the time with the WR's like Peyton, then he will make those WR's look good just like Peyton did. Don't know why people get butthurt about small WR's.
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