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Wfan Interview With Gary Brackett


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Caught the end of this on the radio this morning on the way to work. Kind of funny that I turned it on when they were talking about his shoulder being injured and saying he doesn't look like a football player, and I was able to guess pretty quickly that it was Brackett.


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    • The goal should always be to stay balanced because some of the best teams historically defensively have been much better vs the run than the pass in the Ravens and Steelers. That is why the Patriots of last year failed. Lamar Jackson exploited them because their secondary was built to deal with the Chiefs. Then the Titans showed them in the playoffs. You cannot build your team just to beat one marquee team because the NFL evolves enough that it is another big dog every year you have to get past.   On offense and defense, you have to build a team good enough to play any style of defense and offense correspondingly. If Frank said that due to the roster deficiencies, then that goes back to Ballard again, which is what you are pointing your observation to.  
    • I hope you jinxed them 2 FF coming
    • Kliff went to HS where I'm at now so I find myself a fan of his 
    • Jon Gruden at the time was my dream coach. That's the type of coach I generally want. I also wanted McDaniels pretty bad, unfortunately that garbage happened to us. At this point, Jim Harbaugh is a guy I like. I don't know all the college coaches, but I'd prefer someone younger who is a great offensive mind like a Kliff Kingsbury or Sean Mcvay.
    • Don't you put that evil on them, Ricky Bobby!
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