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Julius Thomas hurting Peytons stock?


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I think Peyton is so used to using Tight Ends so its hurting him. We can tell by the way he started to improve throughout the game.


I picked up Owens and Virgil in hopes that they would replace Julius and Tamme. So far disappointing but I realized it may be the fact that Peyton takes a while to adjust to new receivers since he doesnt trust them.


Are you considering Virgil or Owens?

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JT took his money and ran (I don't blame him). He checked out after the Rams game where he got hurt and was the guy who said he didn't want to play in Foxboro. I am not going to say they don't miss his athleticism but I do think that the Broncos are still sorting out the offense and like Mike McCoy did in 2012 after Peyton went 2-3, Kubiak is going to employ more of what Peyton is comfortable with (no huddle and shotgun) but continue introducing more of his concepts in order to get a variety of ways for the run game to work which will matter come January.


Once that happens, the Broncos offense will miss JT less, IMO.

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I had Tyler Eifert and Owen Daniels as my two sleeper tight ends this year. I figured Owen would be getting more targets but I'll wait and see.

Yea we gotta be patient. Peyton and luck have trust issues with receivers. Brady just passes it to anyone.

But then again, brady has all afternoon to make a throw. He can go back home, make a sandwich come back, and make the throw.

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