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  1. You know the Browns or the Bills would be desperate enough to take someone from the Colts organization. Lets not forget the Browns picked up Grigson. LOL!
  2. Every season teams need a new head coach and the first to get interviews for any job are the offensive and defensive coordinators. After this season, it will be very obvious that the Colts will be a hot team for coaching candidates. I really like the direction the team is going and alot of the great recent gameplay has not only to do with Reich but the coordinators. How do you maintain your coordinators consistent? Can they just offer them larger contracts to keep them? I would hate to see coordinators come in and out for Andrew Luck.
  3. its the Colts first year and they are the youngest team. The fact that they have been able to keep up and what they have accomplished is amazing. Just imagine if we give it time, what they will do next season once the weaknesses and gaps are filled. Sure our expectations were alot less than this but now we are setting the bar too high for such a young team. They have alot to learn and they are learning from their mistakes. I dont blame Luck either because he did some pretty good throws to the endzone today that Ebron and Chester should have caught. Some needs that I see: RB Tackles Guards Wide Receivers Let's not forget that Eagles fans were wanting to see Doug Pederson get fired after his first 2 game performances of their Super Bowl winning season. LOL! GIVE IT TIME.
  4. bap1331

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    stop. no he is not. He actually had plenty of throws today that should have been caught.
  5. bap1331

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Yea, we gotta realize the penalties ruined the game. It can really ruin the rhythm on offense.
  6. bap1331

    2 Comments by Mel Kiper on Mr. Leonard.

    After last year, i didnt even question this years picks because i knew they were going to be good. ESPECIALLY with Quenton Nelson. I think he was the most secure pick in the NFL Draft. This guy is amazing...
  7. Him wearing the Waterboy shirt was kind of worrisome today. Is he trying to make a statement or just a prank? It would really hurt to lose him but I could see the fact that he might want to start for another team but seeing the teams available (aka Bills), he should be smart to wait til the end of the season and get an opportunity with a not so bad organization.
  8. bap1331

    Do you think the Colts would ever go all in?

    Well Were you good friends with Harambe? What were his last words?
  9. With so much cap space, lets say there are big names on defense or offense, would Ballard give them a big contract to go all in or would he just build with what he has. I am not a big fan of teams going all in. I would be disappointed if he would have given Khalil Mack or decides to give Laveon big money. We all know what the big impact is when one player gets a big contract, everyone on the team wants to get paid too. Also agents will come hungry to bring overpriced players to the Colts. Think about the consequences, dont do it Ballard!
  10. Baker Mayfield-Hasn't even played a single game-BUST Saquon Barkeley-Headed to Canton without a doubt. Sam Darnold-Anyone from the Jets is an automatic bust. Denzel Ward-Headed to Canton. That interception was insane. Bradley Chubb-Hasnt met expectations. Wouldnt say bust but hes just an average Defensive End. Quenton Nelson-Headed to Canton. Who do you think was the best pick of the 2018 NFL Draft?
  11. bap1331

    Playoff chances slim...

    i heard the chances of making the playoffs after going 0-1 is 30%. Should we just throw in the flag and go for the #1 pick?
  12. its common sense though. Chubb? How do you pass on Chubb?! As far as QB, id rather be more secure with Sam or Rosen not getting into trouble with the law.
  13. The fact that they moved up to get a QB is alarming. You can't say that hes not their future QB because or else they wouldnt have traded up but at the same time, he could light a spark to get Flacco to work his butt off and stop being lazy. I can't understand why Eli and Flacco have 3 super bowl rings but can barely make it to the playoffs.
  14. It certainly helped the rest of the league and definitely changed the future of the league but....why not Bradley Chubb? And why not Rosen or Sam? Baker Mayfield was certainly not even a top 5 prospect, hec not even Top 10.
  15. Usually what ill do if someone takes the good runningbacks in the first round is ill pick up 2 good quarterbacks so i can use them for ransom when the guys with the runningbacks need a qb. LOL. Theres not that many good RBs nowadays that put up big numbers. Alot of teams use alot of 1-2 punches. Maybe even 3 runningbacks. Like the Patriots are not dependable with RBs.