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  1. I hate when organizations do this and this is why they stay miserable for long periods of time. They get hyped for a quarterback that the media hypes and instead of fixing their real problem, they prefer to have a quarterback. The real problem last season for the Cardinals was the offensive line. Arizona was in the bottom 10 in run blocking and pass protection meaning Rosen didnt even have a good chance of making decent plays. Everytime i saw him snap, the defense was already in his face. If i were the GM, i would have traded down the #1 pick and gotten some really good multiple amount of picks at offensive line and even defense to surround Rosen. Its definitely something the Ravens do to continue their playoff runs every year. They never really focus on QB but a solid defense and a good oline. I feel bad that Arizona could have literally turned their team around in 1-2 years without drafting Murray but instead they probably set the team back 3-4 years.
  2. I think that it is more frustrating to think how long they knew about this and how he could have undergone surgery in the offseason to fix this. Instead, they wait til preseason starts to say, "HEY! HE MIGHT NEED SURGERY!" When by now, he could have been fully recovered. I was expecting alot from Luck this season and I want him to be healthy so he can whoop Tom Bradys butt before he retires so we can get revenge. Now that window is getting smaller and all we will remember is how Luck was 0-7 against the Patriots.
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  4. Considering abdullah size, he will not go until 3rd or 4th round, they have him ranked as #3 top back but I just dont see it....hes a 3rd down rb
  5. why would any quarterback want to meet with the colts? really worried about that list though. Half of those players are all practice squad or 3rd stringer potential...
  6. Who else is going to the Draft for the 1st Round on April 27th? We should bring the Colts fans together who are attending for VIP. I heard the seats are first come, first serve non assigned.

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    2. MAC


      You meant the 26th I assume.

      I saw your thread about buying tickets, and don't understand. Buying tickets from who? I read the ticket procedures that you posted weeks ago, and it said that tickets were free - and not available until the day of the event. Did you buy some insiders pass or something?

    3. bap1331


      They sell VIP tickets online still but they are expensive. Like $650 a ticket. I bargained mine for half price though. Google nfl draft tickets. Vivid seats is selling them.

    4. bap1331


      Try eBay too.

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