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  1. its common sense though. Chubb? How do you pass on Chubb?! As far as QB, id rather be more secure with Sam or Rosen not getting into trouble with the law.
  2. The fact that they moved up to get a QB is alarming. You can't say that hes not their future QB because or else they wouldnt have traded up but at the same time, he could light a spark to get Flacco to work his butt off and stop being lazy. I can't understand why Eli and Flacco have 3 super bowl rings but can barely make it to the playoffs.
  3. It certainly helped the rest of the league and definitely changed the future of the league but....why not Bradley Chubb? And why not Rosen or Sam? Baker Mayfield was certainly not even a top 5 prospect, hec not even Top 10.
  4. I mean it sounds so bad to just let them go but...the head coach should be able to hire their own staff. I'd rather the coach be comfortable with his environment then be put with people he probably doesnt want to be with. Plus what if they were sent as spys by Robert Kraft and Bellychick?
  5. You CANT pass on this guy....Ive seen his highlights and this guys burst is faster than his oline can block. We dont even need an offensive line that can block him because he already has the whole defense chasing him by the time Luck would snap the ball. Let's not lose out on this pick and let this be another, "if only we had draft Saquon" conversation years from now. Ballard can pick up oline men from free agency. We need experienced linemen blocking Luck, not rookies. If Sam Darnold pulls out of the NFL Draft then we will lose out on this pick though.
  6. bap1331

    Just let it be...

    Oh definitely! I have no idea what happened to him. He looks real lost on the field.
  7. bap1331

    Just let it be...

    We all know there is going to be changes in the offseason. Right now is just NOT the time to be making those replacements. It starts from the top all the way to the bottom which clearly means that there is no replacement even for the coach right now within the facility. No coach is going to leave their teams halfway through the season to go join another team. Alot of it has to do with tampering and just focusing on their jobs with their respective teams. I see alot of Colts fans calling out players like Vontae and TY saying stuff like "BYE! Good luck with your new team." It is just not fair for them. This is a team sport. Just be patient and everything will play out well. Changes will come but right now is not the time to be looking for those changes. It is either at the beginning of the season or end of the season.
  8. bap1331

    Has anyone noticed...?

    31 other teams are going through an injury crisis right now (God bless their little hearts)....while...we...are...getting all our players back? We need to take advantage of this opportunity!
  9. bap1331

    ILB's are bad

    Um...weve got Cato June and Dwight Freeney available. Ray Lewis played til he was like 38 or 39. These guys still have some gas left in their tanks.
  10. bap1331

    Watt injured

    Uh...i actually like our chances better without him. The Colts arent so bad. The problem is they can't play more than 1 half.
  11. bap1331

    Watt injured

    He is out for the season. Fractured tibia. NFL website just reported it.
  12. bap1331

    Gotta love the AFC South

    You know that KC is playing Texans tonight right? Not the Titans...
  13. bap1331

    Colts/Trade Deadline

    I dont think hes declining. He just needs better a strength and conditioning team. He is worth more than a 3rd.
  14. bap1331

    Adam vinatieri

    He is also responsible for getting us to win the super bowl. The game against the Ravens was were like 4-5 field goals by Vinatieri because Peyton couldnt reach the endzone lol. Unfortunately his days are numbered and we need to look into Gostowski soon.
  15. bap1331

    Luck is Throwing

    * Incoming expert opinions from professional doctors *