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20/20 Hindsight... 2007 Nfl Draft & Players We Could Have Taken Instead Of Gonzo, Ugoh


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And then I'll turn around on the other hand and criticize the FO on the same issue. I went back not too long ago and looked at a draft guide, and it turns out that there were hints of this exact "drive" issue when Ugoh was in college.

Half the secret to the Colts drafting success is doing their homework and drafting people with the correct attitude. I universally defend the Polians, but I find that chain of events to be very disappointing. Maybe they knew somehow that Glenn was going to retire, and they felt the need to reach for someone that might have some issues.

I remember the "drive" issue at the time. Kind of hard to quantify for a college athlete, though. At least I think so. Is it immaturity, or is it just not that important to him? I don't know. Maybe we would have been better off staying away from Ugoh. I'm not defending the pick or the trade to pick him. I just don't think we really missed with that one. He should have been a good player for a long time.

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