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Can The Colts Go 0-6 So That Polian Can Tie Matt Millen?

Blue Horseshoe


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  1. 1. Will the Colts go 0-6?

    • Yes
    • No

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Yes, but you can see a difference when Orlovsky is in there. He's making the throws, Painter isn't. In one drive, Orlovsky had more yardage than Painter had in three quarters. The Safties might have been playing a bit loose, but the cornerbacks were in man to man while Orlovsky was in there, most of the time anyway.

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Man, you can't compare Millen and Polian. Polian has a history of turning teams into winners. Millen has....uh....um....

although I do believe Polian has completely lost his calm, cool, and edge, I agree with your post. People around here who only became fans after Manning was drafted easily forget that Polian orchestrated the Bills into 3 Super bowls and then took a pathetic Panthers franchise and turned them into Super bowl contenders. If we ignore the past, then we arent giving Polian the proper credit he deserves for the whole picture.

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