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2012 Colts Rough Draft

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I think the colts will probably end up with the 2nd or 3rd overall pick, so I'll go with the 2nd.

My ideal scenario for the colts is to trade down to some team who will give us 2 first round picks this year. There are teams like Seattle and others who are in need of a QB and teams like Cleveland who are in need of a WR. As much as I'd love to get Alshon Jeffery at #2 overall, I think that trading down would work out better for us.

I don't really know what picks we will end up with, but I'll just give us the 10th, 15th, and 40th overall picks for the 2nd overall pick. According to the draft value chart http://walterfootbal.../draftchart.php, the value for the 3 trade down picks is a little higher than the 1 pick, which is ideal unless we can get more for the 2nd pick.

Round 1: Pick 10: Brandon Thompson, DT Clemson - This pick is more of for the push up the middle and the pass rush at DT than for the improving the run defense.

Pick 15: Morris Claiborne, CB LSU - Claiborne has played lights out this year at CB. He would be a great and much needed addition to our secondary.

Round 2: Pick 2: Jeff Fuller, WR Texas A&M - Fuller is a big playmaking WR at 6'4" 220 lbs. I like him because he is a great football player, not because of his size, but that does help ;)

Pick 40: Ray Ray Armstrong, SS Miami - Ray Ray is a very athletic SS and has incredible size at 6'4" 215 lbs. He is one of the top SS's in college football

This is a rough draft, so I drafted the players I really wanted but I'm not sure if the players chosen are at the right draft picks. Also, Jerel Worthy at DT, Marcus Fornston at DT, and Mark Barron at SS are other players I like too but I chose Thompson and Armstrong instead. I don't really know who we would draft in the mid to later rounds so I left that out. Feel free to comment on this draft to help me out with it.

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