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Josh Gordon trade help please


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I give: Frank Gore


I get: Josh Gordon and David Wilson


RBs: Gore, Foster, Murray, Mathews, L. Bell

WRs: Green, Hilton, Thompkins


Would you do this trade?  I was going to hit decline instantly but I stopped.  Gordon will be traded (dont know where) and IMO Wilson is going to turn it around a bit.  I also think L. Bell is going to be a good option at RB as soon as possibly this week.  Now the bad part, Frank Gore just basically demanded more carries and the 49ers need to listen to him so he could be a very good RB the rest of the year.  


I don't trust them people on the ESPN boards so I ask you fellow colts fans.....


WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!  HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest TeamLoloJones

I just read an article that Josh Gordon was informed by Chud he will not be traded. I would not do the trade.  Gore has to be involved more in the 49ers gameplan or they will keep losing, Kap has few weapons.  Gordon will be too hot and cold, and Wilson may not be the starter very long.

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