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Nfl Players Think Brady Is The Man To Build A Team Around


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Yes and the point of your posts previous to this one certainly weren't intended to get a response.................


Oh shucks, you don't care about my opinion. I'm gonna go cry now.

Several people have already attempted to end this thread. Some people are keeping it going. Which one are you? Oh, and more than one player in the NFL wears a #12 jersey so don't jump to conclusions without thinking.

Last three threads about the Pats specifically....1883 views, 1334 views, 1793 views.

Must all be Pats fans. Quit fueling the fire and complaining of burns.

I was done after some pretty good comments with Dynasty13, JJ, Yehoodi, and GoPats. But ViriLudant had to make another comment supporting his argument so I responded. It's pretty funny that you had to add another post saying some people are trying to keep it going.

As for the cute comment about fueling the fire and complaining of burns, here is something you said earlier in this thread:

what's more pathetic? The Patriots fans that come here to have discussions about football which inevitably turn into Brady vs Manning on EVERY SINGLE post about the Patriots in the NFL COMMON AREA, or the Colts fans who use their numbers to overwhelm them with their opinions on their own site, and in a board not even dedicated to talking about their team? Their fans need "social proof" their QB is good? I think they get plenty to proof year in and year out that he is. Peyton is too, before you snap. And stop it about SpyGate, you're only making yourself look bad.

As someone who can speak objectively about this, I watch as every single Patriots thread on here becomes this, and guess what? IT IS RARELY THE PATS FANS THAT START IT.

Now we all know the point of this thread was to show how great TB is. ViriLudant even said this stuff helps his argument. So you talk about fueling the fire and complaining about getting burns? A little of the pot calling the kettle black I would say. You are really spewing a bunch of garbage in that little rant.

I apologize to everyone else for this getting out of hand. I am done now.

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