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  1. I understand from a mutual friend that you recently stood up for me when someone else was being less than kind.   For that, I say Thank You.   You're a good person.

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    2. southwest1


      BTW, regarding my recent frustrations about Josh McDaniels decision not to take the job in INDY, it has absolutely no bearing on my respect & admiration for you Yehoodi as a very intelligent & informed poster on the forum.


      You're a standup guy Yehoodi. Along with GoPats, Flying Elvis, Dynasty13, IWF; JJ, Jim Jaime, etc. etc. I'm not directing my anger over what happened toward any of you directly. 


      The wounds were still fresh & I'm slowly recovering. LOL! Thanks for letting me clear the air. 

    3. Yehoodi


      I hear yah, the Josh exit must of been tough, but it looks like you guys have a coach and it did not take too long to get a replacement.   To be honest, Josh has always been on the fence about becoming a head coach, my sense was after the SB 52 loss, and perhaps having time to think about *, the Pats brass did not want to see them loose both coordinators.   Given Josh's inherent hesitation, things just changed. 

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for understanding. I'm happy with our new HC in Frank Reich so, it all worked out in the end. 


      You might be right about that. Perhaps, Josh is better suited to be an OC just like Wade Phillips has mentioned in the past he's a much better DC than a HC overall. 


      No one is doubting Josh McDaniels brilliant offensive mind. I'm not anyway. I just wish he would have let the Colts know his true feelings sooner & more professionally then he did. 


      I get why Robert wanted to retain him. Makes perfect sense to keep Brady & Josh together while BB gets pass rushers in the draft. 

  2. Hi Yehoodi, 

    I sent you an PM or e-mail telling you how to delete a post say for instance if you quote the wrong one for example. Nice chatting with you today as always. :thmup:


  3. Hugs! Sorry if I seemed a bit short in the Pats game day thread. Oops! Looking dumb on the net! Thanks for trying to help in my misunderstanding. :)

  4. Glad to see you here :).

  5. Hello my friend! So glad to see you here!

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