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  1. Yehoodi

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    I'm glad that Trump cancelled the event. If nearly the entire team does not want to attend there is no point in having the event. Interesting but was not that long ago, 2011 when Tim Thomas of the bruins did not attend due to his feelings that our government was not honoring the rights of the citizens, and he got a lot of flak. Now folks are doing the same thing. I do not care what they do and view each refusal in the same way. At the same time though if a lot of the folks refuse in protest, I got zero problem with the president cancelling the event.
  2. Yehoodi

    The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    I saw this and thought it was funny. To be honest, in the end of the day, i truly wonder how many players truly want to make sacrifices to win and how many are just content on it being a job, going to work, getting pay, enjoy playing the sport and if they win great, if not no worries. I do think however, there is a portion of the NFL pool of players are willing to make sacrifices to win and the ones that the Pats players make. As a fan i will take that any Sunday to have players on my favorite team to be ones that want to win. Am a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and one of the players from that 70s team, i forget it might of been Steve Shutt, said you hate Scottie Bowman for 364 days of a year and love him on the day you win the cup. Kind of the same thing with BB.
  3. Yehoodi

    The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    Time will tell. i like Jimmy G. a great deal, but he has only played a handful of games. Would of love to have him as a QB, but lets see how he does over a 3 or 4 season resume, how his health holds up before we can get a good gauge on him. At the same time if TB plays for 3-5 more years at or near an elite level and we get a solid replacement, history may very view the transition in perhaps a different light than the present view.
  4. I understand from a mutual friend that you recently stood up for me when someone else was being less than kind.   For that, I say Thank You.   You're a good person.

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    2. southwest1


      BTW, regarding my recent frustrations about Josh McDaniels decision not to take the job in INDY, it has absolutely no bearing on my respect & admiration for you Yehoodi as a very intelligent & informed poster on the forum.


      You're a standup guy Yehoodi. Along with GoPats, Flying Elvis, Dynasty13, IWF; JJ, Jim Jaime, etc. etc. I'm not directing my anger over what happened toward any of you directly. 


      The wounds were still fresh & I'm slowly recovering. LOL! Thanks for letting me clear the air. 

    3. Yehoodi


      I hear yah, the Josh exit must of been tough, but it looks like you guys have a coach and it did not take too long to get a replacement.   To be honest, Josh has always been on the fence about becoming a head coach, my sense was after the SB 52 loss, and perhaps having time to think about *, the Pats brass did not want to see them loose both coordinators.   Given Josh's inherent hesitation, things just changed. 

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for understanding. I'm happy with our new HC in Frank Reich so, it all worked out in the end. 


      You might be right about that. Perhaps, Josh is better suited to be an OC just like Wade Phillips has mentioned in the past he's a much better DC than a HC overall. 


      No one is doubting Josh McDaniels brilliant offensive mind. I'm not anyway. I just wish he would have let the Colts know his true feelings sooner & more professionally then he did. 


      I get why Robert wanted to retain him. Makes perfect sense to keep Brady & Josh together while BB gets pass rushers in the draft. 

  5. Yehoodi

    Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    Thanks for posting. Looks like you guys have a GM with a good head on his shoulders. He is ready to move on, has a list of candidates, is happy about the hires they made, realizes that folks can say "no," understands in the long run is more important to have an employee that is fully committed rather than have one quickly, and lastly is comfortable with the time it takes to find one that will have a long term commitment.
  6. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    You may be right. I would rather see what happens in the next week or two to get a better idea on the effect on the colts
  7. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Okay fair enough, but his is available for interview now I would assume, so it is kind of a wash regarding toub
  8. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Well not all of the coaches are taken . . . it is my understanding that the colts only interviewed 6 coaches including Josh. Surely, they stopped after Josh indicated that he was coming. The colts interviewed Matt Nagy, Matt Rhule, Kris Richards, Dave Toub and Mike Vrabel. Nagy was hired by the Bears before the colts even interviewed with Josh. I heard through the grapevine that Vrabel did not want the job in Indy. True Richards took a job in Dallas. But that still leaves Rhule and Toub available to be hired by the colts. So other than Richards, the colts interviewees were not coming to the colts anyways or are still available. And agreed the colts would of stopped interviewing after they got the sense that Josh agreed. Even then one still needs to look at what coaches would the Colts have interviewed that are not presently available, in another words ones that took new jobs and would have agreed to be the coach. I agree it is a shock, but one would guess that the colts had a 2nd and 3rd choice in line. I think it would be better to see how this plays out before we can get an assessment on the level of damage to the colts. The larger issue is maybe the NFL should relook at the rule of allowing teams to interview with coaches that are still in the playoffs and perhaps wait till their season is over. Sometimes coach/teams have a better time to look at things once their season is over and then they might have a clearer view and may change their minds.
  9. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I guess is depends on the facts. As Josh was not under written contract, he is not an employee of the Colts, and if the Pats simply wanted him back (due perhaps to recent events here in NE) and made him a better offer then all the colts would be left with imo opinion would be a promissory estoppel action which would really only be against Josh. At which point my guess would be the NFL could jump in and award the Colts a compensatory pick. However, if on the other hand there is more of a devious plot on behalf of the Pats to hurt the Colts and effectively "tamper" with negotiations with a potential employee than the NFL might be able to go after the Pats. My two cents. Time will tell.
  10. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Yes I agree with your that the situations are the same with respect to each organizations being surprised by the change in their head coach prospects/line of succession and the timing of the same. To your point #2, I too agree that something might be in the works with the NFL regardless of no contract. Not so sure it would come from the Pats directly, but perhaps a compensatory pick given to the Colts would be in order to make up for relying on the promise that Josh was going to be the coach of the Colts.
  11. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Time will tell. the tea leaves do indicate what you are saying. A softer approach might be to have a BB coach next year knowing it will be his last year with full support from all sides, then let Josh, or another take over.
  12. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    i hear yah. i like him as a OC, but not really a fan of him as a HC. If he ends up being the HC down the road so be it. He was not great in Denver and made a few shaky personal moves. i do not disagree with your point.
  13. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Well the difference lies in the fact that the timing of BB becoming HC of the NYJ happened after the Pats wanted to talk with him. It is not like BB became the coach then the Pats made the move. The Pats sentiment was that the Jets made the move to make BB the HC causing complications with the Pats being able to hire him, effectively getting a draft pick in exchange for BB as opposed to, from what i remember, getting nothing if Parcels had not resigned after getting the fax and BB was still the assistant HC. So in sum, sentiment up here is that the Jets made a move to extract a draft pick from the Pats opposed to the Pats tampering with another teams HC. With the above said, it does not really change the fact that the colts could make a move and seek some level of compensation on a promissory estoppel theory having to wait some time relying on Josh's promise that he would be the HC. None of us know what was said between Josh and the Colts FO, was he clear that he was still on the fence, if not, then it was a [@#$%^ move on Josh's part.
  14. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Although there is no written contract, the Colts could try to base a grievance action on a theory of promissory estoppel (one is harmed by relying on a promise and thereafter holds off looking elsewhere after relying on the promise), but that only really applies to binding the parties (Josh/Colts). But it might be a good theory as the Pats look like the ones that got in the middle and are 3rd party beneficiaries of the broken promise. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  15. Yehoodi

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    This is not like BB, as BB was under contract with the Jets. Btw, the Pats version of the story was that they sent a fax to the Jets asking the team that they wished to speak with BB, Parcels intercepted the fax, the Pats never got a response, Parcels then resigns triggering BB being the HC of the NYJ. As there was a change in ownership from the original agreement/contracts between jets/BB/parcels and the BB likely did not like what happen above, decided to drop the napkin. So in the end it is different. Surely, on the surface what Josh did was not cool, turning down the offer this late in the game. There may be tampering issues and/or perhaps some precedent for recompense for Colts having to wait a month. Perhaps a compensatory pick. I think the tricky part is that he is not under contract.