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  1. Yes is has been an amazing run for basically three QBs since 2001. Will be interesting to see if the AFC will have a similar run going forward of just a few teams making the big dance every year.
  2. Hiya 2006Coltsbestever . . . I have not posted in a while . . . :-). Yah it can be tough and boring for non fans of the teams that do well. I was not a real big basketball fan but was too bored and frustrated with the Bulls success in the 1990s.
  3. To date Brady has started in 275 games and Manning started in 265 games in his career. So 10 more starts as we speak. It will be interesting to see where Brees and Brady end up. Brees is a year and half younger than Brady.
  4. We do not know all of the facts, which is not surprising on the day something like this comes out. It looks like he is only charged with solicitation and not human trafficking. He may or may not have known there was trafficking going on. For what it is worth, Kraft is denying the involvement. For the most part Pats fans that I have seen on forums are not defending Kraft and some , like me and D13, would like to see how things pan out over the up coming days and weeks to see if we can get a better picture of things.
  5. This is sad situation for all involved. I will be interested to see if Kraft knew that there was human trafficking going on at this venue. Also, will be interested to see how all of this pans out as it is only a day or so old and "facts" and denials can change as time goes on and we get a better picture of what happened.
  6. Yes it was a rough divisional round game and was the one that Welker made the footy jokes in a press conference, causing BB to bench him early in the game. Our game against the Jets did not feel right and we could not get things going and they beat us. The jets were hungry and wanted to beat us. It was kind of their super bowl and some of them partied until the morning after getting back to NY. They were sluggish in the first half against Pitt and maybe could of won if not perhaps for a emotional win against us. The Jets were solid those years and although we beat them 45-3 late in the year, they beat us at their house 28-14 earlier in the year. Although that Pats team was 14-2 it was not our strongest team. I wish won, but was not totally disappointed as I thought we might lose.
  7. I will be interested to see how the Packers and Rodgers fair without McCarthy and how McCarthy fairs with his new team. For me, I think McCarthy did a lot more for the Packers, than he is given credit.
  8. Told you guys that 06 afccg magic, but nooooooooo one wanted to believe me
  9. Yah tough to lose a divisional game, but still got plenty of time in the season
  10. Who knows, maybe we can send some your way, lol, these Thursday night games are tough on the road team
  11. I hear yah. Sometimes when one is close between a loss and a win, all it takes is a play or two and the loss is turned into a win or vice versa. Turnovers, penalties, mental mistakes and such are all examples of single plays that can flip a game. Hopefully, you guys can turn it around as there is still a lot of games left in the season.
  12. Yes it is a bummer that you guys are so close to being 4-0. I have not really followed the colts as much, but i heard that you guys have been leading in 3 or all of your games in the 4th qtr. The good news is that you have been close and just need those play or two, to get you over the hump and you can start to post Ws.
  13. Who knows maybe you all will. . Great to see you too!. . I have not been on many boards as much I have been in the past.
  14. Yah i was just looking at Hilton being out and a few more guys. TNF is tough on the road team and also Luck's Colts have struggled in Foxboro, i do like our chances, but anything can happen. I still got that Detroit loss in my head.
  15. I see Hilton is out, so that should make it tougher on the Colts. I was kind of surprised that the Pats would smoke Miami, especially after how they played against the Lions. The Pats and BB seemed to have Luck's number, at least early in his career. We will see what happens tomorrow night.
  16. Hey SW, nice to hear from you again. Yes I do agree it is nice to have closure even if some one has to loose. I guess it is tough in football as if they keep playing it is more wear and tear on the players bodies. In the end i do agree that players would also like to have ties if at all possible. Interestingly, we almost had two ties this weekend.
  17. Be nice if the Pats win this game and go to 3-2. The Pats do have the advantage of being home on a Thursday night game and have a few play makers on offense now. Should be an interesting game. Odds are in my opinion Pats should win but the Pats have really only had one good game this year and it was this past Sunday, so anything can happen tomorrow night.
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