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Week 3


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Ravens over Pats

Rams over Bears

Bills over Browns

Jets over Dolphins

Redskins over Bengals

Steelers over Raiders

Texans over Broncos

Lions over Titans

Colts over Jax

N.O. over KC

Falcons over SD

Eagles over Cardinals

49ers over Vikings

Packers over Seattle

Clay will have at least 4 sacks. Packers win 34-14

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giants vs panthers upset of the week. giants have had trouble with these kind of qbs and with the panthers at home and the giants not having one of their best players on offense Im going with CAM!!!!!!!!

bucs vs cowboys- this should be a good game. doug martin should have a good day, but i think the passing game will struggle with the cowboy cbs.

jags vs colts- colts are at home and if they can limit mjd like they did peterson and force gabbert to beat them then we should win.

bills vs browns yes another upset. not enough credit is being given to this brown defense. fitz turns the ball over way too much and I think the two rookies on offense could have a good day

jets vs dolphins no way tannerhill can handle this defense especially if revis plays

chiefs vs saints chiefs have just been hard to watch especially on offense I see brees getting the saints back on track with a win in the dome

bengals vs redskins dalton looked great vs the browns who I think have a better pass d so I see better results

rams vs bears bears get back on track, but I do see the rams giving them a fight.

49ers vs vikings I think they will limit peterson but I see something like 80 yards and a td course at the end its gonna have to be ponder to get them the win I cant see it against this defense

lions vs titans lions didnt do that well in the first outing on sunday night in who knows how long but they rebound vs the titans. can the real cj2k please get more then 17 yards on the ground.

falcons vs chargers this looks to be one high flying matchup.

steelers vs raiders oh how I miss this rivalry, but now this is a joke. steelers without breaking a sweet

texans vs broncos if the falcons could get to peyton then texans will get there easily and I dont recall peyton ever playing against johnathon joseph who imo is the best corner in the league.

patriots vs ravens you know the ravens are out for blood after what happen in the playoffs plus brady isnt brady when hes rushed.

packers vs seahawks yes im taking the seahawks for two reasons. one qwest field is the hardest place to go and get a win and two i dont know whats going with the packers but their offense doesnt look anything like last year.

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