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  1. You have many questions grasshopper.

    Here's some more for you that I've discovered as I've been cleaning out my house

    Why was I trying to corner the market on

    Duck Tape

    Allen Wrenches


    Seriously.......you would not believe how many of these I have!

    I think Peyton will be a Colt this season. I cannot imagine him going elsewhere.

    We likely won't know how good his arm is until it's time for him to play

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  2. BTW, there is a standard response to most questions in my house right now and that is "TROW IT AWAY!"

    Funny though.....I have this extension cord........it's a flexible accordian type and I really like it. I said "THIS IS SMALL I'M KEEPING IT"

    From time to time now I get texts from my oldest daughter that say "THROW THAT EXTENSION CORD AWAY!!!!!!!

    makes me laugh........ I STILL HAVE IT! :lol:

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  3. I have an emotional attachment to childrens books. There has got to be good karma all over these books. We spent so much time with them. I cannot let them go.

    Also have stuffed toys that my mother in law made. She is gone now and I like the idea of my grandkids having something that she made.

    But as we look at smaller houses.........there is NO STORAGE SPACE. I think it's cheaper to rent space than it is to find a house that has it.

    My girls live in a rental house and have a similar problem. There is not enough space for the things we know we want.

    My daughter was helping me clear stuff out and she said "Boy, you really have to turn your heart off to do this." That's true and we've been doing it. But there's a line!

  4. I was cleaning out the unfinished side of my basement. I'm trying to down size but, as I whittle things down.....I realize, I am the keeper of the family memories

    The photo albums, the childrens's books and other things that my kids want me to hang onto for the day when I have grandchildren.

    This stuff takes up space and I am wondering what do people do?

    I'm guessing they rent storage space. I think that's what I need to do.

  5. It's a complex problem. And I agree, nothing is more important than our youth.

    Violent kids grow up to become violent adults. On my daughters college campus, there have been 2 assaults within two blocks of where she lives in the past two weeks.

    This last one.......a group of young men attacked a student.....hit him on the back of the head with a board........he took 17 staples to his head.

    They didn't take his wallet........so, the assault was what they were wanting to do.

  6. I know what you mean about mycolts and direct. I will miss them too.

    And yes, we do have some folks who cannot seem to resist a verbal brawl.

    Put them on 'ignore'

    There are a lot of people here who are insightful, funny, and fun

    It's a bigger community so it takes a bit of time to get a feel for everybody

    And this season..........beginning with the cba off season......all the way through to waiting for March 8.........has been exceptionally divisive

    It will be good to get back to Colts football for sure.

    In the mean time though, I'm enjoying folks like you who choose to join here and post. you guys are adding yet another dimension to the site. you make the place more interesting

  7. I am not against your thoughts Maureen. Ron Jaworski got 'relieved' of his duties as some in the forum pointed out possible for swearing on air. They may have said enough is enough.I saw people fired for eating a sandwich or drinking a coke in their work areas....I had a boss once who graded me down on a review because I did not say hello to him.....believe me I understand lesser reasons.

    I was once fired for 'other reasons'

    Organizations have their own goals and sometimes choose weasly ways to accomplish them, including harming someone

    Then again, sometimes the employee is problematic........and straws break backs

    Getting fired is nature's way to telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place - Hal Lancaster

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  8. I felt compelled to come back to this. I feel strongly that the only possibility for someone to lose their job in this case would be someone who has been 'coached' or disciplined in the past for 'insensitive' remarks toward any race, creed or age.I know my buddy Southwest and I challenge the 'edge' at times on topics and words when trying to make people laugh or make subtle comparisons. Using "Wink" in the headline may have been over the line and as Maureen says "not cute or funny" Suspension maybe. Firing NO!Some things that are said on a daily basis on SportsCenter are worse. Listen to Steven A Smith....he tows the line and crosses it sometimes when describing players. Even Chris Berman, who is an icon at ESPN has called players funny names that could be offensive to some.Southwest, thanks for adding the last paragraph. Love someone for who they are. if they are different in ANY way, learn from their heritage, race, religion, age or disability. I know I love humor and I try to make all of my friends smile, but this topic is not funny....this blog got the old boy's blood flowing. Thanks SW....

    Just saying how it 'hit' me. ESPN is within it's rights as an employer. Overall though, I've not concerned about the employment status of anyone there.

    And I am serious that people lose their jobs for lesser reasons....or for no particular reason at all.

    Who knows what else has gone on there at ESPN. But I'm not going to go to bat for someone who makes a remark like that. Sorry, I just didn't like it.

  9. Sorry you feel that way.

    The issue with Manning is that fans want to see him continue to play. He may or may not be able to do that.

    For Irsay to lock the team into his contract by paying him the 28 million just does not make sense. Sadly, it does not

    But, hopefully there is a new contract and we see Peyton continue to play as a colt.

    Irsay is doing exactly the right thing imo.

  10. just a side comment with AOL & Spamevery notification with direct colts regarding something ii did / follow / message to me etc always went into my aol inbox no problemEvery one from this / forum side, blog comments followed , even messages / friend notifications all go into spam, when this site 1st went up last year none went into spam, something has changed

    I am seeing a problem with AOL with other users as well. I do not know how aol works but, can you tell me is it possible for aol users to change their settings so that mail from the site does not go into spam?

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