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    God, country, family, and Colts football.

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    Husband, father, grandfather, and Navy submarine veteran.

    Born in Indy, Colts fan since they moved there.

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  1. Been gone a while, life intervened but I’m back...

    1. southwest1


      Glad to see your forum return subvet. Hope you're doing alright. Yes, sometimes life forces us to re-arrange our plans. No doubt about it. Hang in there. 

  2. IMHO the rivalry is on life support now, just being kept alive by sportscasters wanting easy sound cuts. Peyton is really starting to look his age and I'm thinking the surgery took more out of him than he likes to admit, I agree with earlier statements that this might be his last year even if they get a Lombardi...which doesn't look good. Brady will be traded like stated earlier, he is like Manning in that there are a few miles left in the tank and is worth something but he might surprise everyone and retire first.
  3. Hey, go out on a limb here: Cards Steelers Colts Cowboys
  4. Of course it would be great to have him as an offensive coordinator, but he'd never take another subordinate position so it's not even worth discussing in Indianapolis.
  5. Just keep the source in mind, it's great to hear what we want but talking heads say a lot and eventually get something right. Except this time I agree....
  6. subvet

    2013 09 16 09 08 27

    Thanks, it was a tough day giving my little girl away....
  7. Everyone enhance your mellow, it will get better.

    1. BrentMc11


      Do they still make Mello Yellow?

    2. southwest1


      "Enhance your mellow" ...It sounds like a t-shirt slogan for NY Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony's fan club to me anyway.

    3. subvet


      Old hippie saying from my misspent younger days.....

  8. subvet

    First folder

    Family and friends
  9. Being an 0-2 Jaguar fan but I don't think they have any fans and look for them to move in the next year or so
  10. With all the experts posting here I wonder how none of them work in the NFL....just kidding. I think far too much impactt is being given to these first two games, sure it would be great to win them all but did you really think after the emotional wins last year that it would be easier this year? Dissect away but I'm not shifting sweat pumps to high speed just yet, a little more time to mesh is in order.
  11. I've lost 70 pounds so far this summer, hope the heat breaks before I do!

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    2. BrentMc11


      13 here....excellent subvet...IF you wanted to lose it. I hope that is the case. Regardless...a great accomplishment.

    3. southwest1


      70 pounds really? If my memory is correct, don't you work in a bakery with hot ovens? That explains you extensive weight loss subvet. Stay hydrated & cool my friend. I don't want you passing out from exhaustion okay. :)

    4. subvet


      It's all good, the heat at work helped me lose the weight so I will look my best on 14Sept when I walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to my new son in law. And there is a bonus to her happiness--he has field level end zone season tickets, don't get me wrong, he will be a wonderful husband as well!

  12. Yeah the Redskins got spanked tonight, guess 'ol RG has to work out a wrinkle or 3.....
  13. Of course Colts fans want Peyton Manning named the GOAT, he was ours first and we wish him continued success in Denver but he'll retire and time will pass then another young stud will come along. They'll compare him They'll love him They'll hate him They'll call him the GOAT And like all the great quarterbacks of my youth his image will fade but he is my number one player period. Forever and ever, amen. (Thank you Randy Travis)
  14. Like Warhorse said, things are changing here just like every time another fan board I was on closed and I had to find a new one. The tone here was different from the others, just like it didn't have a "comfortable feel" like the old ones, but they closed and I landed here and now I start to see familiar avatars and names. I understand some want to show their knowledge and savvy but it is also clear that some just post to get their numbers up, I tend to scroll past them but for the most part the folks here are like me as a fan, savvy enough but don't spend hours memorizing stats. I plan on continuing to come here regularly to hear what is on our minds this week or just to get the pulse of what my favorite team is up to Let it change but don't let it go crazy, it's starting to feel....comfortable.
  15. Geez, tough room. Referring way back to the OP, everything takes time so at least give Pep a few games before screaming for his head.
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