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  1. I am clearly not a student of star wars as you are. I own the original trilogy and admit I am completely unaware as to whether is is digitally remastered.

    Saw the first of the new star wars series and loathed it. So, I didn't see the rest of them.

    As far as why he won't release an un remastered version of the original, I have no clue. If it would make money, why wouldn't he?

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  2. I find those comments from players both disappointing and disturbing. My daughter is friends with several college football players and she says they have the same reaction as these NFL players.

    So, it's a very good thing that these punishments included players. A solid reminder to them that yes, you will be held responsible for what you do. Sorry guys but it comes with being an adult

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  3. omigosh I can totally picture you asking those questions! :)

    I loved mother goose as well. Also I have a very old copy of the real grim fairy tales. Let me tell you, they were very Grim! They were really sanitized over the years

    Grim lessons were brutal. I think they felt the need to scare children into being good. especially girls!

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