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Back To The Grind......



Monday night.....

The wife, daughter and granddaughter are all asleep. Tuesday through Saturday I work in a large industrial bakery from 3-11 that makes bread and buns for most local groceries as well as Burger King, Arbys, and Sysco, and even when the economy is slow the lunchpails of America still need sliced bread for their PB&J or bologna sandwiches.

Everybody needs bread, even people on a diet talk about not eating bread, all the while thinking about it. On an average week my bakery supplies over 1,000,000 pounds of white, wheat, rye, and multigrain bread and buns to semi trailers that leave our shipping docks 24 hours a day and deliver all over the area. This is the slow time of year, in the hot months orders for hamburger and hot dog buns almost double.

I do maintenance in the bakery so whenever any machine anywhere on the 200 yard long line breaks down, I and my co-workers arrive to assess and correct the problem, hopefully keeping the line moving. When it's not moving, supervisors swarm, sweat pumps shift to high speed, voices are raised, phone calls are made, contingencies are discussed, and the mechanics start repairing the crisis of the moment.

Monday, oh yeah, I was talking about Monday because of the 24/7 nature of the job I just took too much time in describing, days off are staggered and no more than 3 people can be off at any given time. I have seniority in our shop so I chose Sunday/Monday for mine. Most of the year they are OK, lots of things happen on Saturday I'd like to be there for, but Sunday is church and spend the day with the family. Then from August to February I'm off of work when the NFL is on TV.

I'll bet you were wondering how I was going to tie in all this nonsense with the primary reason for a football blog, right? Hah, just did it.

Well anyway here it is Monday night watching Jimmy Fallon (I hope most of you saw his show when he broadcast from Indy during Super Bowl week) doing some blogging, checking out facebook and my email. Overall doing nothing constructive other than effectively wasting an evening now that my granddaughter has gone to sleep. She is spending the night with us and I love having her here, it just seems warmer and more like a home when I hear giggles and the pound of running feet followed by "get me papaI"

Well, I probably should get some sleep, Eliza (granddaughter) is 3 and will be ready to go by 8 and I'm not known for my friendly demeanor when I wake up (read I'm a grouch) so to close this entry for tonight:

football football football football football football football football football football football football football.

After all this is a football blog, goodnight from Indiana Avenue.


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I was cleaning out the unfinished side of my basement. I'm trying to down size but, as I whittle things down.....I realize, I am the keeper of the family memories

The photo albums, the childrens's books and other things that my kids want me to hang onto for the day when I have grandchildren.

This stuff takes up space and I am wondering what do people do?

I'm guessing they rent storage space. I think that's what I need to do.

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Subvet, nothing like spending time with the grandkids.... my favorite thing to do these days.

and Maureen...we can't keep everything, especially when we continue to add to the lot, but having said that, my grandkids love playing with stuff that belonged to their parents... this past weekend going through all the books we have Kyndall found some books that belonged to her daddy when he was 3, she is now 3. cute to watch her, and read to her the same books I read to her daddy at the same age.... Also have some riding toys my boys had growing up that the grandkids are now using.... some things are definitely worth holding on to.

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Maureen, George Carlin once said "No matter where you are, your crap expands to fill available space. When you move to a bigger house, you get more crap"

So don't rent space, you'll just run out of room again.....

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I have the same basement Maureen.. for some reason I have my sisters kids crib, who are now 18 & soon to be 16? Why my basement, LOL?

My Mom keeps bringing over lamps, collectibles, antique phones, and all sorts of stuff and photos....and I'm supposed to do what with this? LOL...someone in the family has to be the memorabila keeper huh?

Cute blob subvet! thanks for the bread! ;)

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I have an emotional attachment to childrens books. There has got to be good karma all over these books. We spent so much time with them. I cannot let them go.

Also have stuffed toys that my mother in law made. She is gone now and I like the idea of my grandkids having something that she made.

But as we look at smaller houses.........there is NO STORAGE SPACE. I think it's cheaper to rent space than it is to find a house that has it.

My girls live in a rental house and have a similar problem. There is not enough space for the things we know we want.

My daughter was helping me clear stuff out and she said "Boy, you really have to turn your heart off to do this." That's true and we've been doing it. But there's a line!

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BTW, there is a standard response to most questions in my house right now and that is "TROW IT AWAY!"

Funny though.....I have this extension cord........it's a flexible accordian type and I really like it. I said "THIS IS SMALL I'M KEEPING IT"

From time to time now I get texts from my oldest daughter that say "THROW THAT EXTENSION CORD AWAY!!!!!!!

makes me laugh........ I STILL HAVE IT! :lol:

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Subvet, I had a hard time getting past your comments about working in a bakery.

You brought back my memories of touring an industrial bakery when I was in elementary school. Ahh, the smell of fresh baked bread. If they bottled that aroma, I would buy it.

However, that may not be a good idea as it would probably lead to me going into a carb overload.

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Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into your personal life subvet. One of my neighbors is a baker too. Just like the old Dunkin' Doughnuts TV commercial says, "It's time to make the doughnuts." Nice to hear that your able able to spend some quality time with your family & granddaughter Eliza.

I agree with shecolt as well. Fresh smelling bread [& Cinnamon rolls too] is a great aroma.

Good luck Maureen as you try to distinguish between 3 piles: Keep, donate, & throw away...Always asking the humorous question: Why in the world did I keep this? LOL Maureen.

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