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A New Board, A "newbie" Again.



They shut down my Colts fan board again.

I started visiting with online Colts fans several years ago when I finally got a laptop and could sit in comfort while surfing the net.

I had a great time on myColts.net because the people there liked having fun with each other, when I finally got tickets to see the Colts for the first time one of the members met me at the game. It was like finally meeting an old friend for the first time.

I blogged and blogged, sometimes trying to win a contest that awarded TVs every week for the best one. Usually I just wrote because the urge hit me and I wanted to relate experiences or superstitions with the Colts, the fans, and "the big game" which was every week when the Colts were on.

I tried to win contests--they were giving away game balls every week identifying you as the "Fan of the week" with the final score and the opponent of the week---unfortunately I never won, one of the great regrets of my life.

But mostly I wrote letters to friends I had made by us sharing with each other about the Colts.

I really miss myColts.net

Then one day they said "we're merging with another board so start going there" So I started using Colts direct.

To my dismay many of my online friends didn't go, so I started writing again hoping to find the magic I had left behind.

After a few months things were looking up, it wasn't as much fun, the Colts had lost their star quarterback and the new board seemed to have a lot of "fair weather fans" that quit posting when the team quit winning.

It wasn't fun yet, but it wasn't bad either.

Then one day the moderators came along and said "hey, we're uniting on one fan board so let's go!"

We were moving again and I hadn't even gotten comfortable in the last one yet.....

So here I am, a newbie again. Postings total under 100, likes barely into double digits and I'm starting over again. Not a real warm place yet, seems to have some folks here that don't look for the good in others, they seem to relish negativity and criticism.

Maybe it's just that I am the new guy and I haven't had time to get acquainted and I'm just misunderstanding the responses that seem less than friendly. I'm gonna stick around and see if I can find someone that will read my meaningless drivel, the ramblings of an old ex-hippie who finally settled down (but I refuse to grow up) and likes to put his thoughts into words.

It's late, I'm tired after a shift at work today. I have tomorrow off and it's sure to be a great day!

Goodnight from Indiana Avenue.

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I know what you mean about mycolts and direct. I will miss them too.

And yes, we do have some folks who cannot seem to resist a verbal brawl.

Put them on 'ignore'

There are a lot of people here who are insightful, funny, and fun

It's a bigger community so it takes a bit of time to get a feel for everybody

And this season..........beginning with the cba off season......all the way through to waiting for March 8.........has been exceptionally divisive

It will be good to get back to Colts football for sure.

In the mean time though, I'm enjoying folks like you who choose to join here and post. you guys are adding yet another dimension to the site. you make the place more interesting

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Right there with you....

I havn't gotten in to the Forums or Blogs so much yet, but do enjoy the banter with our friends from colts direct that are here now.

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I know I felt the same way my first couple of posts. I am waiting for something to really blog about. I am glad to have all of my friends that I had/have on Colts Direct.

I know we get on a roll sometimes, but we are having fun. I like picking topics to post on, and only had one slight conflict that I was 'wrong' on. So in theory it was my fault....I can live with that.

Subvet, I lost you at some point on my friends, but thanks for adding me. I want to bring over a couple of blogs that I liked too, but you guys all have read them and they are old news.

I love the status updates....boy are they fun. I get a laugh every day.

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We do have a lot of "personalities" but the majority are really good people. I've enjoyed having you guys here, and I always loved reading the blogs on CD.

Welcome! :)

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It has definitely taken me some time to get used to this site. Still not 100% with it but think I got it for the most part. I'm glad you came over here. I have not had any real problems yet. No one has said anything mean to me really. Definitely have fun with all my friends here from direct. So glad we all found each other on here. We are like a little family and have to stick together and help each other out. Thats how I feel anyway.

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Agree, Kayla. I'm sure the Forums and Blogs will be more interesting after the Draft and nearing the start of the season. I do enjoy the daily status updates from all of you and staying in touch in the meantime.

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with you trying to figure this out, never really did figure out all there was to to with colts direct, but trying to learn this one better. I just love to hear what's going on with my favorite team and connect with other fans that know the Colts are the best team in the NFL!

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"...I'm gonna stick around and see if I can find someone that will read my meaningless drivel, the ramblings of an old ex-hippie who finally settled down (but I refuse to grow up) and likes to put his thoughts into words."

Subvet, I always look forward to reading your thoughts & I would never classify them as "meaningless drivel." I enjoy all my friends on Colts Forum & I laugh & learn as much from each of them as they do from me. All my friends on here are clever, funny, honest, & insightful because I see it everyday in their creative & hilarious Status Updates. I am blessed & glad to have met so many unique & talented friends on here. You know who you all are. Thank you my friends. I appreciate you all.

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