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  1. well that was a fun weekend of football!

  2. 2,200 career points scored.. only two above him and they each have 3 or 4 seasons more than him. Amazing.
  3. OUCH! Just heard! Get well soon Andrew! It is just a game after all, health has to be first!

    1. Nadine


      Heal up Andrew, Health first!

  4. Thank you Talib!

    1. southwest1


      I can't believe Talib did that. He walks right up to Allen & pokes him in the eye with zero hesitation at all. Dude, don't threaten our TEs livelihood like that. Shame on you sir. That's unacceptable & below the belt man.

    2. MIColtsFan


      It was odd wasn't it? lucky for Colts though, sure was big help, LOL! He was fined too.

  5. Down by 20 at the 2 minute warning before the half and they punt? That speaks volumes to me about this coaching staff and team.

  6. at least Colts keep it interesting, not sure if I'm really sick of the dink and dunk crap from the Pats, or more PO'd that it still works! LOL!!!!!
  7. I agree, all those high throws were showing signs that his shoulder is still an issue.
  8. So many good things to that worked from the Pats game to focus on to help avoid the negative. Interesting game.

    1. southwest1


      I agree MCF. INDY did several good things in that game & it's a shame the special teams blunder is all that many avid football fans will remember.

  9. Sounds like a missed a good and interesting game. I was travelling and missed a a whole weekend of football. Now if feel off and out of the loop.

    1. southwest1


      No worries MCF. It's a l-o-n-g season so INDY has plenty of time to tinker & tweak a few things. My apologies for not replying sooner. I have to be in the mood to respond to Status Updates so if I don't answer immediately don't fret; I promise I will get back to my friends very soon. Keep contributing too MCF. I enjoy your slant on things.

  10. Ouch! Put a rookie out there for the return with the game on the line. Just a painful game to watch today.
  11. Oh my word! Do they want in the end zone or not? Hand it to the 5'8" rookie? What is going on? Go for it
  12. Does anyone have any experience with Game Pass? Love? Hate? Why?

    1. southwest1


      I'm not sure what that even is, but good luck resolving your issue here. I'm happy to see you posting again MCF. Cool. :)

    2. Stephen


      yea as long as you have high speed internet it works smoothly. Not sure how regular season version will work, but in preseason you could watch live games but when it went to commercial it was a blank screen.

    3. MIColtsFan


      Thanks Stephen! Hi SW1

  13. I know.. I gotta check in more often to see your comments and fun posts. And Gramz too! I need my Colts fix for sure. Trying to keep up with my life got crazy there for a bit. A little better now, other than I broke my tail bone 11 weeks ago and am still having problems. Counting on it to get better before I'm jumping up and down too much (how I watch football) Take Care
  14. Hi Gramz, I hope you are well. Life got crazy.. but now I've got football fever and missed all the Colts info, had to check in and read some posts and blogs.
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