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Now Here Is Some Good News



Here is some good news, because it's the first I've heard that FOR SURE Mathis and Freeney are staying! "game-wreckers" Love it! The following is as quoted from Grigson's statements reported by Craig Kelley of Colts.com

“I have evaluated everybody, and I think there’s a lot of talent here. We just have to find out a way

and how to best manage it. Do what’s best for the organization moving forward.”

Pagano noted the importance of the tag-team presence of Pro Bowl defensive ends Dwight Freeneyicon-article-link.gif (102.5 career sacks; 43 forced fumbles) and Robert Mathisicon-article-link.gif (83.5 sacks; 39 forced fumbles), the two top sack producers in franchise history. Each is a multiple Pro Bowl performer. Freeney is under contract, while Mathis is not.

“Without talking about numbers, I just know those guys have been game-wreckers for a long time,” said Pagano. “I know offenses have to account for both those guys. We’re going to make sure that we put both those guys in positions to make plays. I don’t think it would be very smart on my part or anybody else’s part to not make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Both those guys are great players. They have been great players here for a long time. Those guys are Colts through and through. We fully expect to have them here for as long as we can.”

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MIColtsFan, unlike ESPN's NFL Insider reporter Adam Schefter, I trust your journalistic integrity. If I was in your work office this morning, I would probably hug you right now because this news is a breath of fresh air. Yes, there is a God & Freeney & Mathis are staying put in INDY!!! Yeah Baby!!!

MIColtsFan thank you you just made my weekend a whole lot better. Awesome simply awesome!!!

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I posted this 5 am, It lists salient points nicely & has 2nd article




Encase lost on direct colts, u never know

2 Articles Pagano New Colt Vision & -Colts Plan To Keep "game-wreckers" Freeney and Mathis,, transition to 3/4, certain positions will get bigger players, Wants Saturday to return, Praises Luck

From Pagano:

  • Called Freeney and Mathis "game-wreckers"
  • The Colts will transition to a 3-4 defensive scheme
  • The Colts system of smaller players has worked in the past, but team will get bigger at specific need positions
  • The transition will be hard, but not impossible
  • Colts system will work well with players the Colts will bring to camp
  • Pagano has spoken to Jeff Saturday, who is pondering retirement. Pagano wants him to stay
  • Pagano had high praise for Andrew Luck
  • When asked about Peyton Manning, Pagano said Manning will do everything to play again


Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts

The Manning Colts were built on speed on both sides of the ball. Built to throw first, with precision and timing.

Pagano sees the future a little differently.

it's a big-man's game," Pagano said. "That doesn't discount having little fast guys. You've got to have a good mixture of them."

Asked what specifically that would mean to an offense that has been among the most pass-first affairs in the league, and Pagano said:

"You watch the Steelers play, haven't you? I've always said this and I learned this from my dad growing up, you've got to run the football and you've got to stop the run to be successful, at any level.

"We want to be explosive, we want to be physical, we want to be tough,

we want to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball."

That means Pagano has plenty of work to do to both mold the roster that way as well as be the face of a franchise set to embark on historic change, moving on from one of its greatest players.

It means when the Colts make their picks in April, power will be on the agenda, especially up front in the offensive line. Where the Colts have been relatively small up front, they will now have a far different profile a team once again built around its quarterback, except this time the guy's name will be Andrew. ( assumed by author )

Read more:Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts - Th...http://www.denverpos...s#ixzz1nJsRmM9V

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I love what I just read. Thanks MI Colts Fan. Thanks Barry for the articles. He said pretty much everything I wanted to hear. I'm so excited to hear him say things like, we have to stop the run! We want to be explosive,physical, and tough! Yes thats what I'm talkin about! You guys have no idea how much that pumps me up.

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Barry, thanks for the Coach Pagano's commentary.

Like he said at his initial introductory Colts press conference, "Simple Me Complicated You." Easy for our guys to interpret scheme play wise & almost impossible to accurately dissect as an opponent on the opposite side of the field. Beautiful Coach Pagano just beautiful!!!

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Thanks for the blog MIColtsFan!!

I feel that the key to this change is Coach Pagano himself. I speak mostly on the defensive side of the ball here. Bruce Arians has a solid track record as we know offensively.

Pagano has installed coaches that are know for teaching as much as their schemes. Manusky is known for his conservative calls, but it is Pagano's defense. Manusky will teach. Emmanual taught some excellent players out of Purdue. Ryan Kerrigan. Cliff Avril, Shawn Phillips to name a few. Roy Anders has the great Ed Reed. Enough said....looking forward to the changes...at least defensively.

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Tried to edit....would not let me: Roy Anderson.....sorry for the misspelling.

Jeff Fitzgerald has experience with the linebackers too.....we just need to know Pagano's hands/his blueprint is 'all over' this defense.

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Thanks Barry, good stuff.. guess I've reached my quota of "positives for the day" because it won't let me "like" it. :)

@BrentMC11... I'm excited about what I think Pagano can bring to Indy and it was a nice surprise to see that some of my favorites will still be with Indy and are appreciated for their talents! I'll be glad to see a return to a defense that can handle both the run and pass!

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Barry, good info regarding Saturday. I wonder if he is waiting to see what Peyton will be doing to make his decision. Saturday, while anchoring for the combine he said he is weighing many options, hinted at possible other teams, but also probably broadcasting. He has talked about broadcasting many times during his stints on Bob & Tom's "Saturday on Mondays". I think he's too young, he can do a few more seasons! :)

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