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Manning Has 4Th Surgery! Who Cares



This new surgery info is Moot at this point.. Peyton's already been cleared by his doctors, has been seen throwing well and has been working his but off to get healthy to play. This news at this point is just more gossip and media hype and is completey PASSE! Irsay is quickly blowing his image of being a hands off owner, letting his people make smart football decisions and is quickly becoming a Jerry Jones media freak, making poor decisions. His behavior and tweeting at this point are incredibly rude to Peyton, the team, his new management and THE FANS!

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Good 1 MIColtsFan!!! Jerry Jones media freak #2 in the the NFL is exactly right. And how many Lombardi Trophies has Jones won since 1996? ZERO BABY!!!

The great NFL franchises are not consumed by fame, fortune, & noteriety. They just put their nose to the grindstone, ignore the media & press, & go to work on winning championship hardware. Peyton doesn't deserve to be treated like a 2nd class citizen. Shame on you Mr. Irsay. Oh, you need to log onto Twitter again...How wonderful for you. Your franchise is in a state of flux & you are consumed by false ego inflation. Great just great Jim.

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I disagree

I believe all surgeries are relevant and should be disclosed. I would think this would be a contract issue.

As far as the personal shots at Mr. Irsay......not supported in my opinion.

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Considering that Jim Irsay signs the checks of everyone that works for his franchise, including the IT Dept., I completely understand your reasoning Maureen. Never bite the hand that literally feeds you. I get it. Enough said.

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I don't know if any of you watched on Mike and Mike they had a little joke abut Irsay and cologne. They called it Hypocrisy lol. I know some people have to stick up for Irsay and overall he has done a good job. He is handling this horribly though. I think he just needs to be a man about it and if Peyton isn't coming back just say it. His little thing the other day about Peyton can come back its up to him, I think he is just causing a lot of drama. They will make Peyton a very low deal, probably insulting even, He will say no and then everyone is supposed to think Peyton decided to leave. Then he still gets to be a good guy. Well no one is going to buy that. Maybe his 4th surgery should have been disclosed, I don't really know. I just think you be a grown man about things, don't do silly little twitter stuff. I think he already has it all planned out and Peyton, the fans, and everyone else just has to wait and deal with this big media frenzied drama.

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Yup, that pretty much encapsulates the Jim Irsay/Peyton Manning situation to a T Kayla.

Low ball #18, #18 leaves INDY freely, NO fan buys the lame excuse from Irsay that Yoda left by his own independent decision, & hold press conference praising new Colts QB Andrew Luck...Oh no, Irsay logs back onto to twitter again.

Just like sound the advice: Don't drink & drive. Think before you click send Mr. Irsay. Thank you.

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It seems when no info comes out, like with Marvin Harrison, everything is too "hush-hush". Then this deal with Peyton and all the info out its "drama" or a "circus". People in general never seem satisfied. Irsay said back in December, "if healthy" Peyton Manning will remain a Colt. Where has he deviated from that? He used Twitter long before this as have millions of other influential people.

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I do not mind that he uses twitter. He can twiiter til his fingers bleed I could care less. I dont like how he called Peyton a politician and how he is using twitter/media. He says Peyton needs to keep it in the house and then does the opposite himself. That is being a hypocrite. I actually even said in my other comment I think he has done a good job overall. I think he may be a bit too worried about how the fans will react when its finally announced Peyton is not a colt anymore. I would love to see him remain a colt, but who really thinks that is going to happen? He knows it will not go over well even with everyone expecting it. I'm not saying everyone will freak out but I think a lot of people will. His comment saying he can come back if he makes the right deal and its up to him. It sounds nice. It really means they are not going to offer him enough for him to stay. If they were really going to keep him then what would be the point in saying that? Since when does a player decide if they stay or go? Peyton deserves more respect then to have the world be told it is all on him if he stays or not. I'm 100% sure Peyton is working his butt off to get back. They say he is throwing well and all. I don't think he is probably even close to NFL ready though. I think Irsay probably already has his mind made up with what is going to happen and think the right and respectful thing to do is just let it be known. Let it be known so the drama can be over and the colts can quit being surrounded by all the media talk and speculation. I want to get on to what really is happening so we can see how next yr is shaping up.

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I agree with Maureen.

And, Jim Irsay does not pay me for my services. The man doesn't even know I exist. I am merely a volunteer.

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I don't have to say anything. My opinion is my opinion.

You might want to take a look at this video


I think people are not going to change their opinion on this. I'm just a realist and not a hater. Aside from a couple of poorly chosen words that are continuously taken out of context in order to rile up the fan base......I think Irsay has handled this along with the entire restructuring of the organization in a way that positions the team to win this season.

People seem to think that Irsay and Manning are fighting.......and no matter the evidence to the contrary, I expect that will continue......sigh

And I think his twitter is a lot of fun.........as do all his followers.

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Quote from Irsay (article) at an induction for him with Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame, which I think he is deserving of....

Irsay said he and Manning's history together will help them come to a fair agreement.

"We know there's a lot of people that speculate on every aspect of it, but we don't worry about how close our relationship is, and that it's a lifelong relationship," he said. "Him and I will always continue to be great friends, and I hope it's with him still being in a Colts uniform, but we'll see as we go forward the next few weeks."

I'm sure there is a lot that goes on that none of us have any insight regarding, but what has been in the media and what Irsay has put out there himself on twitter and interviews has been less than impressive to me and I used to think he ran his team so well. I'm disappointed and vented that here. I still think the news regarding Peyton's possible 4th surgery is non news because he has already been cleared by his docs.. doesn't really make a difference for the end result.

Have a great day all!

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@Kayla.. I saw that on Mike & Mike too.. reminds of the Bob & Tom bit "Evasive".. (I think they took liberties, it's been on B&T for a long time)..but was still pretty funny.. yes, I wasn't the only one venting disappointment with Irsay the other day... who was the running back that had comments? Can't remember.

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@MiColtsFan...I don't remember either. I was just frustrated yesterday and sick of hearing different stories. I know a lot of fans are. We just wanna hear whats happening and not all the gossip. I still think the hypocrisy bit was funny lol. I I don't think it makes us haters to say were sick of gossip and don't like Irsay saying some of the things he has said. Peyton is handlling this thing better then anyone if you ask me. He only had the one interview and didn't say anything that people probably didn't already assume. I don't think he has done anything wrong. Maybe he should of told about the surgery but like MiColtsFan said above, he has been cleared by drs so whats the big deal?

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