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  1. Hello to all my Colts friends! I miss you all and hope everyone is doing good. I can't wait for the new season to start! Go Colts!

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    2. southwest1


      "Will my bank account increase due to the system glitch?" 100GFB: I will gladly drive you to your local banking branch if necessary, but a large taxi tip is usually customary my friend. Wink! Wink! HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

    3. southwest1


      "Will my bank account increase due to the system glitch?" 100GFB: I will gladly drive you to your local banking branch if necessary, but a large taxi tip is usually customary my friend. Wink! Wink! HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

    4. southwest1


      "Will my bank account increase due to the system glitch?" 100GFB: I will gladly drive you to your local banking branch if necessary, but a large taxi tip is usually customary my friend. Wink! Wink! HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

  2. I totally agree with you. I could not say it better myself! I can't believe Painter got signed, I was just like why? .
  3. Skip Bayless you aggravate me!

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    2. Nadine


      he can be quite tiresome

    3. southwest1


      I agree when Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith get arguing TV magic & sparks always fly...I love it!!! Skip Bayless's blind devotion to Tim Tebow is both fascinating & disturbing all in one IMO. Andrew Luck will be perfectly fine for our franchise too.

    4. MIColtsFan


      if Skip said it's a bad idea for the Colts to take Luck, then 100% positive now that it's the best thing for the Colts..

  4. If you look up at the sky tonight and notice that the most important & precious star is missing...I swear I have no clue how I fell... But im OK!!!!hahaha!

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    2. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Lol were you drinking something good?

    3. KaylaD


      haha! I was just trying to be funny is all. Trying to keep some humor around. Glad if I gave anyone a laugh! LOL. Brent you crack me up. You guys are all so funny. Something good to drink would be ok with me though:) LOL.
    4. Gramz


      certainly gave me a smile... :)

  5. I would be shocked I think. I would feel let down by whoever was involved. I expect better from my team then that. I would still be a fan and root for my team, just with a sad heart I guess. I would hope that they would just admit to there wrongs and accept the punishment. Take the repercussions and accept the fault without a big fight and all the bull. I would not want to hear a bunch of excuses or anyone trying to make it seem like it was o.k. for any reason. I really hate when people make excuses for things that are clearly wrong and then try to justify them.
  6. I'm happy to be reading a thread that is actually about football. I have been busy lately and not on much. When I do log on it seems like a lot of posts are pretty much things that have already been discussed. I agree that Pagano will do whatever plays to our talents. I think we have been very predictable for a long time. I would like to see people actually have to dissect our defense for once. Blitzing? Someone said we used to blitz? I would love to see that again! I really don't care what we do, 3-4/ 4/3 anything in between as long as it works for us and against the opponent. I think Pags will be good for determining that. Overall I'm just happy we will be doing something different for once. I think that is a great idea. Don't know if you have posted this or not, but would love to know if/when you do. I could see how more people may get involved if they understood more. I am always looking to learn something new and appreciate the knowledge on here.
  7. Peyton is just unlike any other person/player I have ever seen. He is so thoughtful to do something like that. Yet, it does not surprise me one bit coming from him. What a great person! Denver is lucky to have him.
  8. 1. Both. If neither one proves anything then I think we will get rid of them. Next year we will have a lot more money to spend on people. I don't think we will be spending it on people we question. 2. Mathis 3. Too early to tell for me. 4. I am hoping top 15 but not sure we will be that good so will say top 20. 5.Ha ha....anything has to be a step up from last year.
  9. Trent Dilfer is an *! Just my opinion!

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    2. MIColtsFan


      Trent IS A Dilfer!!!!!!

    3. ColtsPRIDE11


      Brent you're probably right, but he just ticks me off royaly all the time...

    4. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Lol Kayla hes one of the self proclaimed experts,doesnt know anymore than most avid fans.

  10. I totally understand where you are coming from. I am not saying he 100% without a doubt knew something. It is just hard to believe he didn't know anything.
  11. I can't help but think common sense tells me he knew things. I don't know how much, when, or what. I think I would be more shocked to learn he really knew nothing. I honestly do not think Dungy would say something like that unless he truly believed it. This is all just my opinion though.
  12. I still think Brees is a great guy. I was just pointing out I think he had to have known something. I'm sure there really wasn't much he could do about it. I totally agree with you on this whole subject. If he did lie to investigators that would bother me. I really do respect Drew. I hope nothing happens to change my mind.
  13. I am happy to hear he is doing so well! I never lost faith in him. He will always be the best IMO. I hope all of Denver, the players, coaches, and fans are grateful he chose to be there. It is kind of bittersweet in a way. I wish him the best tough in everything he does. I hope he gets at least one more ring there. He deserves it!
  14. Proud to be the fan of a classy and respectable organization. Go Colts!! Build the Monster! Go Hunt! Can't wait for the new season!

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    2. ColtsPRIDE11
    3. KaylaD


      Lol, I'm glad you all love this as much as me! I say t-shirts are a must!

    4. southwest1


      "DEFENSE!!!!!!!!! and the new improved "disorderly conduct" offense!!!!!!!!! Lets Go!!!!!!" Yes, Preach It from the rooftops my beautiful BLUE Sister!!! Buckle Your Chinstrap & Let's Rock!!!

  15. As far as football goes, I love defense! I love seeing good hits and smash mouth in your face defense! I do not agree with this bounty crap though. There is a right way to tackle and play good ball. Going in with the intent to injure someone is just flat out wrong! You can go in and say I'm gonna hit this guy, he is gonna hurt today, etc. That is not the same thing as this bounty was. Going in thinking I'm going after his head, I'm gonna knock him out. Let's attack his ACL, lets knock him out of a few games maybe a season or forever, that is disgusting IMO. How can you feel o.k. doing that? There is a difference is all I am saying. I want a good defense. I don't want to see a soft defense. There is a right way to be tough and physical without doing what was done here. I want a legitimate defense. I want players and coaches who have integrity and class. I am glad to be a fan of a team that has just that. I am proud of my team. I feel kinda bad for what Saints fans must be going through.
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