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Nice video selection choice MIColtsFan!!! I actually have this one on my blog page too, but I have some many blogs on mine now that I need to install tags so other people can actually see them. At any rate, excellent job MIColtsFan. You get a 5 star rating for it from me anyway. Way to Go!!!

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My setiments exactly! I miss football! Combine, draft, free agency, just don't cut it!

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I remember this commercial. It was the year after we lost yet another heart-breaker to the Chargers in the playoffs. Bummed was not exactly the word for it that day...

Watching Peyton's commercials is like watching the video of when Dungy came in to talk to the Colts before the New Orleans game last year. It is just inspiring and comforting in a way. Call me a sentimental slob if you want to, but that's just the way it is.

On another note---If Peyton isn't back with Indy in the fall, I see a lot of Colts fans buying Madden...

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Love that. I never saw that before

There's a ton of them, they are all so funny. Peyton is so cute! love his humor!

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Watching your Peyton Pep Talk You Tube clip again makes me regretfully sigh..."Sad about football season comin' to an end...Cheer up there's always next year."

Yes Peyton, there is always next year, but sadly you will be gone...Sigh...Thanks for all the 2 minute touchdowns, 3rd & long conversations, division titles, & confetti drops...I will really miss you Yoda!!! Good luck in your new city & thank you for your humility, hard work, & integrity #18.

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