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  1. I don't have to say anything. My opinion is my opinion.

    You might want to take a look at this video


    I think people are not going to change their opinion on this. I'm just a realist and not a hater. Aside from a couple of poorly chosen words that are continuously taken out of context in order to rile up the fan base......I think Irsay has handled this along with the entire restructuring of the organization in a way that positions the team to win this season.

    People seem to think that Irsay and Manning are fighting.......and no matter the evidence to the contrary, I expect that will continue......sigh

    And I think his twitter is a lot of fun.........as do all his followers.

  2. aim etc are just there if you choose to share that information with other members. It is optional

    Your posts are not shared with facebook unless you choose to

    Try it out and see

    I am able to log in with Twitter/facebook/or just my regular log in

    I'm sorry you are angry and disappointed with Irsays tweeting. I do ask though that you show some respect

    We do not allow personal shots here.......at each other or at Colts players or personnel.

    If you disagree, please state it in a way that does not include demeaning name calling and insults

  3. Sounds like you had a great time in the festival of Indy Maureen. Glad that you can share this with us.

    Thanks JP

    When I saw the pictures in the paper of the crowds around the music stages just a little after we left, I was even MORE GLAD I had gotten out of there. They needed more space. It felt scary to me

  4. I know that PM had 3 neck surgeries but it wasn't an in game, lights out, neck brace and strecther ,spinal/neck injury. PM had some pain and loss of arm strength caused over a period of time that culminated in his wanting surgery to get his strength back and relieve the pain. It is a viable injury and something to be concerned over but not as severe as it could have been. I believe it is something that PM can come back from 100%. Even if he comes back not fully recovered and plays I still want to see him retire in a Colts jersey!

    I had always believed that Peyton would retire as a colt. Never imagined anything else. It is a long wait till March 8

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