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  1. You are funny. I think you are right about having to look at the dynamics. Unfortunately, every work group has them. And being the new guy in charge.......first challenge is to establish yourself as a leader

    be sure to tag your entry! Right now it is not entered to win the autographed photo

  2. Thanks Ken!

    The last time I felt the need to blog about the season as a whole was 2009......and for the opposite reason : )

    There is so much frustration........and worse lately

    But, for me these last two games have been just the best. Overcoming adversity......surprising everyone.

    It's 'Rudy' type stuff. And I love it.

    MyColts are getting their act together. Whatever the future brings, whether it be a glorious first round pick.......or a surprising 2nd or 3rd round pick. They will make it work

    The 1st round pick is supposed to go to the worst team. And it is looking like that may not be us.

    I can live with that

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