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Mr. Circumstance The 3Rd Guy In The Room...



Wednesday, March 7, 2012 11 A.M. Central Standard Time. A press conference that will live in infamy for all the wrong reasons. Seldom do you see a future Hall of Fame quarterback & franchise owner in the same room announcing a public separation & divorce from one another. Why did this prosperous NFL partnership really end? Health, cold hard cash, & nerve re-generation? What's the real story here?

During the press conference yesterday, the owner Jim Irsay said this, "the plane ran out of gas." The entire fan base was on pins & needles hoping some last minute midnight re-structuring contract deal could be signed with the ink still wet keeping #18 in Indianapolis. Presumably, as Jim Irsay & Peyton Manning rode the lear jet back from league meetings in Florida, they reflected upon all their years together...a promising, young prospect fresh off the University of Tennessee campus, the 3-13 1st season under the new Manning era in '98, breaking his idol Dan Marino's touchdown quarterback record with 48 in 2004, the Tampa Bay Bucs comeback game under head coach Jon Gruden on the opposing sideline, taking down our arch rivals the Patriots & bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy home to the Horseshoe in 2006, an onside kick recovery away from changing the entire dynamics of the 2009 Superbowl against the New Orleans Saints, fighting through bursa sac knee surgery in 2008 to rattle off 8 straight victories & getting the Colts in the Playoffs, getting Lucas Oil Stadium built, & hosting a Superbowl in the great city of Indianapolis...I'm the 3rd guy in the room Peyton spoke of yesterday Mr. Circumstance.

Just like the business side of football, Mr. Circumstance is cold, crude, & unemotional. I'm all about the money, cap space, potential team suitors, revenge, & proving all the doubters & nay sayers wrong. Just like Peyton told Bill Polian "If you don't take me, I'm gonna kick your a** for the next 10 years." Irsay no longer wants the same dance partner. Okay fine. Your day of reckoning will come soon enough. #18's competitive juices are chomping at the bit to show you just how strong this fully functional arm will be by September.

Yoda AKA Peyton Manning will have his pick of the NFL litter. Many experts predict Miami or Buddy Ryan's defensive guru Rex Ryan in New York. Mr. Circumstance reminds you all that Yoda won't play in the same division as his baby brother Eli Manning, he must respect the new team owner & head coach, he would prefer to avoid the glaring spotlight of the Big Apple, & he must be given free reign over the offense with minimal interference & oversight. Can anyone say Mile High in Denver? "The bloodless coupe" whereby Tim Tebow #15 is swiftly replaced with #18. Fans in Colorado would accept & approve this move without any resistance. Solid defense & John Fox will provide Peyton with a good running game. The Kansas City Chiefs are another dark horse possible suitor for Peyton as well.

The most isolated outpost in the Pacific Northeast i.e. Seattle Seahawks are in legitimate bidding war contention as well for #18's field general services too. Running back & skittles beast Marshawn Lynch could be #18's "Edge" #2, their secondary is within the top 5% of the NFL, the 12th man crowd noise is sound deafening when necessary, & Paul Allen, of the richest owner in the NFL, responsible for silicon computer valley & Microsoft headquartered there could bring in whoever Peyton Manning wants...Reggie Wayne no problem. Who else do you want? Vincent Jackson...Sure...Next?

Mr. Circumstance laughs at the demand or preference to play in an indoor facility by so called media experts...Can #18 handle constant home field stadium rain? Let me get this straight: Peyton Manning won a Superbowl in 2006 with sheets of down pouring rain against Chicago...Prince even sang "Purple Rain" during halftime, but Peyton cannot win playing games outside. What a load of crap.

Yoda will win another "precious" ring, & unlike J.R. R. Tolkien's literary masterpiece the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, he won't have to climb Mount Doom in order to do it either. Mr. Circumstance doesn't get bogged down with blame, rhyme, or reason...Mr. Circumstance only focuses on the aftermath & final results. The ends justifies the means..."Mile High" sherbet ice cream orange just like his Tennessee University college days will be Peyton's new NFL uniform colors next year. John Elway & Peyton Manning will raise the shimmering silver Tiffany's Diamond Vince Lombardi Trophy once again...Who doubts #18's arm now?!!


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would love to have been a fly on that plane



Report: Redskins already out on Peyton Manning chase

NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk -- a former teammate of Manning's in Indy -- stated emphatically on Wednesday that Manning will never play in the same conference, let alone division, as his brother.

"We need to see a Manning Super Bowl, that's what they want, this family wants it," said Faulk, who shares the same first name as one of Manning's sons. "He will not upstage his brother and knock him out of going to the Super Bowl by being in the NFC."


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I just think Irsay is so wrong with this choice.. so wrong.. time will tell. I don't want the see the Colts go through loosing seasons, but will be cheering them on regardless.. and Peyton and Eli and Stafford, Suh, Johnson, Vanden Bosch, Backus, Herzlich, Oher, and all my other favorite NFL players

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My very best to Peyton. I hope he gets to play exactly has he does and gives us many more years of amazement

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It's funny you mention Denver. My dad and I were hashing out the whole "where will Peyton Manning end up" scenario Wednesday evening. He was saying San Fan, I was saying Miami...then it was like something hit us and we both said--"I bet John Elway will take him to Denver." The dark horse will sweep in and get him I believe. (Kinda poetic in a way...going from the Colts to the Broncos...) I get excited thing about the potential there...cab Denver win a SB--is it possible? With Peyton at the helm it is. How cool would that be? (I personally would like it. I grew up loving and watching John Elway. Elway made me fall in love with football, and I will forever thank him for that.) Elway can also understand the desire Peyton has to get a second SB ring with just a few years left to achieve it; therefore, if he wins the bid and gets PM in Denver, he will make sure Peyton gets that ring...I like Denver. I like it a lot.

If Denver doesn't sweep in and get him, what about San Fran? I know Alex Smith had a great year this year, but stick Peyton in that offense and add the combo of the Niners killer D and you have gold baby! Not to mention it would make a great story to have Captain Comeback and The Field General in the same arena, on the same team, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy together... ...am I in a dream????? haha!

Then you have Miami. Everyone says Miami is the choice. Heck Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon hope Miami is the choice...but I don't know if they'll get it done...the parallels for Manning there are intriguing as well. Peyton's idol Marino played in Miami; he would be more likely to have Wayne and Garcon with him, which would provide familiarity to PM (not that he needs it. The man could throw to anyone and be successful b/c he is the best QB to ever touch a football); the weather is great and he has a house down there, etc.... ... ...BUT does he end up there? Would he be given the reigns to run the offense as he has done in INDY for so many years? Would Reggie Bush willingly give up his spotlight to Peyton? hmmmm..... ....

One thing for sure, thanks to Mr. Circumstance, this was the only decision that the Colts could make. No struggling and finagling could accomplish the fairy tale ending we all hoped and wished for.

I hope and pray Peyton gets 2 or 3 more rings, so there will be NO DOUBT in anyones mind that Peyton Manning IS BETTER than Tom "Cry Baby" Brady ever thought about being.

Nicely written Blog southwest. Thought provoking.

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Very nice blog, I love the refrences. Purple Rain during super bowl, ha! I never even thought about that. I have to say Denver does sound like it could be really good for Peyton. I mean if Tebow got them to a playoff game last season then think what Peyton could do there! I think the defense had a lot to do with those wins so even better for Peyton. He could play with a good defense to back him up. What a concept there, lol. I like that he would not have it all on him to win the game. I think the Broncos would be pumped up with him leading the way! Master Yoda, the great dissector of defenses, almighty play calling ability, lazer rocket arm ha ha! I hope his arm is that good again and if not he will still be one of he best playing the game. He is truly the greatest ever IMO and I will enjoy watching him play wherever he goes. I hope he gets more SB's before he retires, he deserves that.

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