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Why Professional Football Is The King Of All Sports Hands Down



Like the vast majority of people out there, I really miss NFL football games & September is so far away...As a pleasant distraction from the Peyton Manning dilemma, I decided to post this classic comedy routine from George Carlin "Football Vs. Baseball." I smile everytime I watch this genius in action.

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That sounds like something we would write Southwest. As you know I love the play on words. Thank you for sharing...I found myself guessing correctly on almost everyone....that was fantastic!!!

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I love Carlin's line: "Baseball begins in the Spring when everything is fresh, new, & reborn...Football begins in the fall when everything is dying...I bleeping love that line!!!

This is why I idolize & hold Carlin is such high overall regard & stature. Amazing!!!

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I just love this! It is awesome! I can't even pick a favorite line, I loved the whole thing, Thanks for sharing SW!

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