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Be Thankful, Dream Big, And Never Give Up!



blog-0539982001330175821.jpgA friend sent me this video and I just wanted to share it with all of you.

I have no words for how this impacted me. Exactly what I needed to hear and see is the closest I can come. I've saved it along with this picture that my daughter sent me. She received it from an Italian Friend. It says

the world needs people who love what they do

Life is short, be happy.

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That was beautiful Maureen.A lesson we all could learn from on the attitude we take daily in life.

That's what I thought. his attitude just radiated happiness onto everyone around him. I want to tap into that in myself. It's got to be there somewhere!

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Nice video Maureen. His optimism is quite infectious & comforting. Thank you for sharing it.

Infectious is a good word for it. I think the man radiates joy and I watch him and ask myself.........how can I do that? It comes from inside, you have to feel it and believe it first.

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