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Indy's Superbowl



blog-0581034001328363887.jpgOn friday afternoon, my girls and I headed downtown to check out the free stuff in Indy's Superbowl village.

We took the shuttle in from the old airport to save us having to park downtown. It only cost $2 each. On our way in, it took quite a while to navigate to the court house which is where we parked. So, we were quite glad we were not driving. They've got quite a few streets blocked off for the village and traffic is slow!

I felt so pleased for and proud of the City. Everything looked so festive with giant Super Bowl graphics everywhere. And it was just so cool to see so many Colts fans, wearing their Colts stuff EVERYWHERE. This was clearly a party for our city.

I did see a few Pat fans and even fewer giants fans. There were in the minority. Perhaps they were in restaurants and bars.......I don't know. But us Colts fans owned the streets for sure.

By far the most fun place in the Village was the Zipline. You could stand directly under it while brave souls when zipping over head, many of them UPSIDE DOWN. They were yelling and so was the crowd below. Very fun.

The zipline was right in front of the convention center which is where the NFL experience is. Also there were other games and the super cars.

We did get to the stadium but it was mostly blocked off...and we got questioned by security as we went around the barricade.

He said "Can I help you?"

We said "We want to see the stadium"

He said "OK"


We went into the proshop and it was full of superbowl gear. The hats and regular mens tshirts were the usual price. But the women's stuff was outrageously expensive. $100 for a tank top.

If you want something to remember Indy's Superbowl, there is some stuff that doesn't have Pat or Giants logos on it. Check out the local stores. We saw tshirts at the grocery store that were $15 less than they were at the proshop.

Lastly, we headed down to the music stages. By this time it was dark (but still warm). We had thought that we might catch Fitz and the Tantrums.

But the crowd was really getting seriously large at that point and the stage area was packed. We managed to get almost all the way down to where the 2nd stage was but, it was packed and I mean packed.

I started to get more than a little claustrophobic. So did my girls. We decided to bag it and head home instead of staying.

I did see people with small children (even baby carriages) in this crowd. In fact I almost fell over one. I would not recommend bringing your children and babies into this area. The crowd was well behaved, it was just too dense.

We just could not believe how warm the weather was. I mean it was like 50 degrees and no rain or snow. Very unusual for February. I hear it's a phenomenon called the 'Arctic Oscillation'

Very convenient for it to happen this year, for sure.

All in all, we were glad we went, glad we wore our walking shoes because we circled everything twice I think. Indy did the city and the state so proud.

We may not be in this Super Bowl but, for me, it will always be INDY'S SUPERBOWL!


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Sounds like you had a great time in the festival of Indy Maureen. Glad that you can share this with us.

Thanks JP

When I saw the pictures in the paper of the crowds around the music stages just a little after we left, I was even MORE GLAD I had gotten out of there. They needed more space. It felt scary to me

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I wish I had a chance to go....looks like you had a special time!!! I guess I was able to enjoy ESPN Radios live from downtown. A gret event.

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I wish we could have gone. It all looked and sounded like such FUN. Great Job City of Indianapolis.

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Just to echo Gramz sentiments, for those who would have loved to attend the festivities in Indianapolis but couldn't, your images provide the rest of us a chance to feel like we were there & a vital part of the Superbowl experience. Thank you Maureen.

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