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  1. C'mon man... first rule of the fake punt game... We do NOT talk about the fake punt game.
  2. I really think AC comes back. To me it sounded like he was saying if he wasn't going to play for the Colts, he would think about retiring. Reich and Ballard have made it known how much they want him to come back. QB should come in the draft, if no one is there that they like they could potentially just work on building the roster around whatever future QB they find while letting JB (or CK for the fan club) take us through 2020. I think McLaughlin has done nothing to lose the job and I sure don't see AV coming back. D-Line is a definite need, one that Ballard has specifically mentioned. C
  3. To be fair... Donald Duck at QB would definitely put butts in the seats. I'd definitely make the trip to see the season opener (or even preseason) to see that.
  4. I very much appreciate the clarity. I was super confused for a sec. Talk about overkill, haha! I think you won't find too many that disagree with OL depth needing to be addressed. Not crazy at all!
  5. I agree with this. It has to be a QB they love though. If Jordan Love, or Herbert, or Eason is available, and they don't take that guy, then it's pretty clear they don't view that guy as franchise material. In which case, taking a Kinlaw, or CB, or OT, or WR, or whatever, is understandable. The answers won't come until 2 or 3 years after as far as if it was worth it.
  6. There really is just a few. They are just a very vocal minority. They tend to post in almost every thread so it makes it seem like they are more numerous than they are.
  7. Yeah, going into this season and throughout the majority of it, Jeudy was viewed as the clear cut #1 WR in this class. CeeDee has done an amazing job getting his name up there in that tier, and has passed him in many people's view. Can't really go wrong with either, though, I don't think.
  8. Imagine thinking TY Hilton isn't a #1 receiver. Yikes. He is aging and we do need more talent at WR, nut I don't know what universe it's in that TY hasn't proven himself as a #1
  9. Then people would get mad about that. He's a player's coach and he's going to publicly back his players, always. As he should. Doesn't mean they won't look to upgrade. Why telegraph your moves to the rest of the league so they can counteract?
  10. The 5-2 start had people moving their targets.
  11. Colts coming to Chicago. Nice. Hopefully it's an early in the season game so I don't freeze to death, lol.
  12. Lol, what do you want him to say? "Dude isn't very good. We're definitely going to draft a QB in the first round."
  13. I think it's closer to 25 over the last 7 games, but again, that's only taking into consideration total points, not how those points were scored. Sure our defense needs to tighten up, but there were so many 3 and outs this year. I know I was pleasantly surprised many times this year with how the D stood up in the redzone. We give up a lot of yards but if we stop them from scoring touchdowns, then that's all good. (Especially when you have an elite QB that can throw up points, like we did when the decision to build this team in that image was made).
  14. Totally. I always blame the defense when the offense has multiple turnovers leading directly to points. Buncha bums.
  15. woof. No thank you. Might as well use the first on a rookie qb. Cheaper and longer control as well as being able to groom them for our system.
  16. Being at 13 is huge. Puts us easily within striking distance to trade up for a QB we want.
  17. This isn't true. New England has 1 first round pick this year. Miami has 3 first round picks, Oakland has 2, and Jacksonville has 2. I think that's it for the multiple first round picks this year
  18. Oh the Satele days. There was a reason we spent a first rounder on a Center. We DESPERATELY needed it. I'm with you. Pay him what it takes to make him happy. Just make sure we have a quality backup in case the injury bug keeps stalking him.
  19. Eh, if Tua is there at 16 or 18 or wherever we're picking, I'm pulling the trigger. Unless my medical staff has told me that it's more likely than not that he'll never be the same... the chance to get that caliber QB in the middle of the first would be too much for me to pass up. Luckily it's not up to me!
  20. QBs Love, Eason, Fromm WRs Ruggs, Shenault, D. Smith DTs Marvin Wilson, or the Bama DT I'd probably go Love/Ruggs/Shenault in that situation (no specific order right now) when discussing those 3 positions. Could also grab OL, Edge, or CB and I'd be cool with it. Honestly, if everyone we targeted is gone, Ballard would likely trade down again and try to get a first or 2nd next year. "Love them picks"
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