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  1. Definitely. I think the sentiment is pretty well received around here. If ever there was a player out there worth spending big on for this team, Chris Jones is that guy. Might have to pay him near Aaron Donald money, but if that's what it takes, I think Ballard should do it. Even if it's the only Tier 1 signing we make. I really hope KC can't afford him.
  2. 3 White: Pat McAfee (favorite jersey), Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney 5 Blue: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Adam Vinatieri, Joseph Addai, Coby Fleener (wife got it for me as a gift for Christmas right before we let him walk, lol) So... no current Colts players in my lineup (assuming Vinny's done). On my wish list: Blue Hilton, White Leonard, White Nelson, and Blue whoever our next franchise QB is. Maybe a Mack one, too.
  3. I think it's a very fun team to root for. We haven't been in the position for a franchise QB search in quite a long time. It's something I, as a fan, have never experienced. I think it's fun/interesting/exciting. I know you have strong feelings, so if you're only going to be happy when we're playoff favorites and contending for a Super Bowl, it might actually be in your best interest to step away for a year and reevaluate after next season. Come back when you're ready. We'll be here ;)
  4. Or Herbert... or Eason... or Fromm... or Gordon... If any QB that we don't select goes on to blow up, there will be those that are going to blame Ballard for not getting them because they just KNEW that QB was a stud and if Ballard couldn't see that then he's garbage.
  5. Strength of schedule gave them the nod. I'm on the Love train too, but even if we do draft him, you're going to be severely disappointed if your expectation is getting a Patrick Mahomes clone. Mahomes is a special, special talent. Expecting any player to be at that level, especially a rookie, is a surefire way to be let down.
  6. I've been hearing good things on him for a couple weeks now. One of my mid-round hopefuls for sure. I try to grab him in mocks when I can. Same thing with Marlon Mack a couple years ago. Definitely a fan of his so far.
  7. Funny thing is, neither am I. And neither is Ballard, from what I can tell. He thinks receivers are overdrafted every year so I don't really see this situation happening. I'm just saying I don't think I would be able to find fault or get upset about picking such a highly rated prospect at pick 13, if it somehow did happen.
  8. I get that, but I don't think getting a blue chip prospect with player comps to Marvin Harrison is something I'd get upset about. I also won't lose my mind if we end up sticking with Jacoby for the next year. This is the first chance/offseason Ballard's had since the Luck retirement. Expecting or demanding that he fix it now, or else, seems unfair to me. I'd definitely like an upgrade, and I'd be just fine and happy if we grabbed Love in this situation (or traded back up into the first for him). But to get Jeudy at #13 is a steal and I just find it hard to fault Ballard for jumping on tha
  9. In this example, both Brown and Kinlaw are off the board. Drafting by position only is a terrible strategy. Get good players. Of course there are higher priority needs, but if the players for that position aren't there and you get can get a possible blue chip prospect at 13 (!) I don't know why you would dismiss it.
  10. Jeudy has been seen as the #1 WR for this class, and one of the best (if not THE best) route runners to come out in quite a few years. I'd prefer a QB or DT, but the Colts would be getting an OUTSTANDING prospect who could be our #1 for years to come. I'd be just fine with it.
  11. This situation screams trade up. I'd either take Brown and try to immediately trade back up for Herbert/Love or take HerberttLove and try to immediately trade back up for Brown/Kinlaw. Any of that combination for our first two picks would be absolute home runs, imo and I'd be counting the days to getting jersey numbers assigned and buying a new jersey asap, lol
  12. If we didn't crack the top 10 in the draft with our top 5 franchise QB shockingly retiring 2 weeks before the season started, the odds of us landing the #1 pick with a full offseason to plan are roughly around zero. The Clemson kid, Lawrence, is going #1 overall next year and almost any team with a shot have the worst record in the league next year is going to refuse to trade out of that spot. He's seen as that Elway/Manning/Luck level prospect. Banking on getting him next year is insane.
  13. So far Simmons on Clemson's D and Chase on LSU's O are looking great. Jefferson just made a couple big plays. That Clemson TE has caught my attention as well. Both teams RBs look good coming out of the backfield.
  14. I just did one myself, and came up with something very similar in terms of positions hit. 13 Jordan Love, QB Utah State 34 Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame 44 Brandon Aiyuk, WR Arizona State 75 Ross Blacklock, IDL TCU 112 Cole Van Lanen, OT Wisconsin 142 Tyler Clark, IDL Georgia 173 A.J. Dillon, RB Boston College 190 Jauan Jennings, WR Tennessee 204 Myles Dorn, S North Carolina
  15. I think the chance of Brown being available at 13 is roughly 1%. That essentially means we'd be locking ourselves into 1 player. I think a great DT can have similar effect on this defense as a QB can have on the offense, so either way I'm good. If one of Lamb/Jeudy is there for some reason, I wouldn't be mad at that pick either. I'd personally prefer a QB, I find myself falling victim to the Love hype, but as long as we don't pick a C or RB in the first, I think I'm going to be ok with whatever the pick is, lol.
  16. This is why we can't have nice things.
  17. This is the last thing I want to see. I'll be cheering HARD for KC today, and hopefully next week too.
  18. As annoying as all these "JB is trash" and "JB is the worst starting QB in the league" posts are, it's equally annoying seeing "JB is perfectly adequate" in every thread, when it's clear that hasn't been the case. I often see you saying how annoying it is seeing every thread turn into a JB Bash thread, but then you continually poke the topic with a stick and get mad when you get the expected response. I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish? JB isn't trash. JB isn't necessarily good. He's somewhere in between, which leaves the Colts in QB purgatory, which i
  19. It really is. It's also super interesting because there ARE so many different ways we can go at the most important position in football. We haven't been in this situation in a very very long time. Some, like myself, became fans after we had already drafted Peyton, so this is the first "real" franchise QB search, since Luck/RG3 was more of a media argument than an actual contest. I'm very excited for the draft season.
  20. I'm as optimistic a fan as anyone, and I'll continue rooting for Jacoby to succeed if he is our starting QB next year. That being said, I think it's clear from the 2 seasons we've seen from him that he is not going to cut it. If he turns it around and has a great year next year, that's awesome... but that'll still be 2 poor seasons and one good one so that'll leave more questions than answers. I think the gist around here is that we're ready to move on to the next chapter, with a legit/fresh franchise QB to lead us. As long as Jacoby is the starter, I fear it will always feel like Andrew's
  21. "Bringing Luck out of retirement" is not a legitimate plan a front office can run with. They have zero control over that. It's not their choice. Ignoring the QB need this year just means we have the same need next year. As nice a thought as it is, there is no way you can actually build your team around the premise that you'll be able to pull someone out of retirement.
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