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  1. 19 hours ago, Mr.ZapRowsdower said:

    I just want opinions. Suh is a not the impact player he once was. He still a very good veteran piece that has rotational ability. He's NOT the troublemaker he once was. So the question is if we are so high on character... Why do we not sign someone like Suh who is worth the risk and could provide excellent depth on a one year, but sign Chad Kelly? Chad Kelly broke into a teammates house during a Halloween Party. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chad-kelly-arrested-on-trespassing-charge-while-in-cowboy-costume-following-broncos-halloween-party/  

    It seems like a favor and that stinks. There was no reason to sign him. Kapernick is still a FA. I know he's considered a pirahaa but he had credibility. He's actually led a team to the Superbowl. Come on. 


    Suh didnt lead anyone to anything. One of the biggest knocks on him is that he is and has always been about himself first and foremost. He is not a "team first" guy, or a leader of men. Those are the qualities that Ballard is looking for, especially in his high paid veterans. If we paid that same 9.25m that it took to get Suh to sign with TB hed be our 6th most expensive player this year. That goes against everything Ballard has been preaching since day 1.


    If we start like we did last yr, Suh will stop trying, just like he did in Miami, and he will sit back and complain about the team. Which might rub off on our young guys, as they see this kind of behaviour being tolerated by our coaches and even rewarded by our front office as hes one of the highest paid players on the team. We could just cut him and take the cap hit to avoid internal issues, but that potentially opens up another can of worms. Everything Ballard (and the team as a whole) does is seen by every other player/agent in the league. All they see is an aging but productive veteran player being tossed out the door midseason. That may effect the chances of us winning over other free agents down the road, as they dont want to be kicked to curb at the first sign of trouble. If a free agent is picking between 2 teams who both check all their boxes and offer about the same money, something like that could be the deciding factor. 


    Kelly, on the other hand, is given zero guaranteed money and is essentially on a tryout to win a practice squad position, with possibly a shot at a backup qb job a year from now. There isnt a person in the Colts building that doesnt understand that he is a 1 in a million reclamation project that is on extremely thin ice. But if it doesnt happen, we cut him and lose nothing. You are comparing apples to oranges. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, richard pallo said:

    I agree it's probably not going to happen but the Dolphin situation was unique.  You bring in a high priced FA to a team with no leadership in place and he becomes the leader automatically by default.  Inevitable.  He goes to the Rams and no problem.  He blended right in.  I could see that happening with the Colts.  He wants a ring.  All he has to do is play like he's capable of playing and he might just get it.  I really don't see much down side.  If he buys in and if he really wants a ring he should be able to buy in then we should be okay.  I trust Ballard here.  Let him check him out and see what happens.  

    Sure he did well on a top team that went all the way to the superbowl, but lets say we start off slow and are 1-3 after 4 weeks.

    You confident that he will be giving 100% and not complaining?? 


    That same story I posted above seems to have the most obvious answer:


    "It’s not right or fair to say Suh was a bad apple. Well, in 2015 he was a bad apple. No one in the Dolphins building liked him. In 2016, he got better. And in 2017 he worked toward being better still.


    But at his core, Suh is about ... Suh.


    So when something was not ideal for him, he checked into 2015 mode and left the better 2017 version Suh behind."


    Id be very worried about bringing in a player that will only "buy in" if things are going exactly the way he wants them to, especially with a young team that was fairly inconsistent last yr. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I do not see 1 downside in bringing in Suh. He is a player now that is playing for a ring, has probably 1 or 2 years left at best, and we have the cap space to sign him. He is still a good football player and can plug up the middle and free our ends up to run wild. He hasn't even had an incident since the 2014 Season when he stepped on Rodgers leg. He isn't going to ruin our locker room, so just get that out of your heads if you think that. We have plenty of high character guys on this team and Suh is just looking for a ring and a great group of guys to play with at this point IMO. I love a speedy defense in which we are going for but it is good when you have 2 or 3 guys that can clog the middle. Suh most likely will be a Hall of Famer and would make a solid impact on our team.


    This article is from last offseason. 



    "But it’s also because Suh was a fine individual player who was never really a team guy as far as the Dolphins were concerned"


    "But they struggled because too often the individuals played for themselves instead of with each other.

    And the most prominent individualist on the Dolphins defense? Ndamukong Suh."


    Its not so much about him being a dirty player or a locker room issue, its that he doesnt fit our teams culture, which seems to be one of the biggest criteria to Ballard. He keeps talking about "team first guys that can buy in to what we are doing". That is 100% not Suh. 

    Suh signing here would be the exact opposite of everything Ballard has been preaching since the day he walked in and I just dont see it happening. 


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  4. 37 minutes ago, schwamm said:

    FWIW, most of us weren’t fans of Ballard passing on CBS in last year’s draft because of all the Q’s there, but it didn’t end up being the weakness many anticipated.  They weren’t perfect, but their quality of play improved by leaps and bounds over 2017, and continued to improve all year.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the WRs do something similar this coming year.

    Ballard even had a comment in his predraft presser about being patient with young players and letting them develop before judging them and casting them aside. My thoughts immediately went to our WR group. Ballard might stick with what he has and trust the process of development from his coaching staff, unless something falls into his lap this weekend. He wont force it. 

  5. 1 hour ago, John Hammonds said:

    All we really gotta do is win one of the two opening road games.  then it's 6 out 8 games at home, with three sets of back to back home games.  I'll take that.


    9/8 @ Los Angeles Chargers 4:05 p.m.  possible Loss
    9/15 @ Tennessee Titans 1 p.m.  Win
    9/22 vs. Atlanta Falcons 1 p.m.  Win
    9/29 vs. Oakland Raiders 1 p.m.  Win
    10/6 @ Kansas City Chiefs 8:20 p.m. (WTHR)  Loss
    10/20 vs. Houston Texans 1 p.m.  possible Win (maybe)
    10/27 vs. Denver Broncos 4:25 p.m.  Win
    11/3 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1 p.m.  probable Loss
    11/10 vs. Miami Dolphins 4:05 p.m.  Win
    11/17 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 1 p.m.  Win

    11/21 (Thurs.) @ Houston Texans 8:20 p.m.  possible Win (maybe)
    12/1 vs. Tennessee Titans 1 p.m.  Win
    12/8 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 p.m.  Win
    12/16 (Mon.) @ New Orleans Saints 8:15 p.m.  Loss
    12/22 vs. Carolina Panthers 1 p.m.  Win
    12/29 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1 p.m.  possible Win


    It's all gonna come down to those two Houston games, I think.

    That 2nd HOU game is gonna be a tough one. On the Road, on a short week? Might be the toughest game on the schedule for us. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, LJpalmbeacher2 said:


    Ju Ju started it, I heard, by out of the blue praising Rothlisberger. AB took that as a shot to him knowing him and Rothlisberger don't get along. I could be wrong but I think I heard Ju Ju posting a pic of him and Rothlisberger showing him love?


    And Ju Ju IS NOT as talented as AB. Lol


    The tweet about Ben with the pic of them is almost 2 weeks old (posted Mar 25th). Not sure that was the catalyst given the timeframes. 

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  7. 14 hours ago, JPFolks said:

    If he sucks and becomes a low level FA picked up for (relatively speaking) pennies on the dollar, I don't think it results in a 3rd round pick automatically does it?  Please educate me as I honestly have never fully understood what rates as a 3rd round (I didn't even realize you could get that high of a pick in a case like this) or a 7th round compensatory pick? Frankly, I am not even sure I agree with giving compensatory picks to a team unable to sign their own people for whatever reason it may be.  Why does everyone who runs their team more effectively pushed down all those picks in each proceeding round because another team couldn't or didn't choose to resign someone?  Maybe you are the guy to finally explain it clearly and precisely to those of us who don't quite get how it works.  (The "why" is a whole additional topic I don't expect you to explain).  

    The actual formula for the comp picks have never been released to the public, but people have figured out a general understanding to be able to somewhat accurately figure it out. 

    That being said, the comp pick we would get is based on his contract with his next team, along with a few minor adjustments due to playing time, postseason honors, etc. In order for us to get a 3rd round comp pick for him, his next contract would assumedly have to exceed 10m/yr before incentives, and he would have to have a decent impact on his next team. So while us giving him 10M this year could have an effect on his future asking price, it doesnt necessarily guarantee anything. If he has a terrible year we wont get a 3rd.


    That also doesnt take into account us signing another solid player next yr and cancelling out his departure. Basically no matter how well he does, we dont have any assurances that we will get anything for losing him. 


    If you want a full run down on how the comp pick system works, this link explains everything that has been figured out about the formula. 



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  8. As ive mentioned in other threads, I wouldnt be surprised to see some looks in the 4-3 "Under" formation that Seattle uses instead of our usual base look. Gets 5 of these guys on the field at a time, and is typically set up to help the WILL make plays, which is never a bad thing when you have a WILL like Leonard. 

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