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  1. My reply was meant to be in jest but the thought of losing AC doesnt exactly help the mood im in, haha.
  2. Suh didnt lead anyone to anything. One of the biggest knocks on him is that he is and has always been about himself first and foremost. He is not a "team first" guy, or a leader of men. Those are the qualities that Ballard is looking for, especially in his high paid veterans. If we paid that same 9.25m that it took to get Suh to sign with TB hed be our 6th most expensive player this year. That goes against everything Ballard has been preaching since day 1. If we start like we did last yr, Suh will stop trying, just like he did in Miami, and he will sit back and complain about the team. Which might rub off on our young guys, as they see this kind of behaviour being tolerated by our coaches and even rewarded by our front office as hes one of the highest paid players on the team. We could just cut him and take the cap hit to avoid internal issues, but that potentially opens up another can of worms. Everything Ballard (and the team as a whole) does is seen by every other player/agent in the league. All they see is an aging but productive veteran player being tossed out the door midseason. That may effect the chances of us winning over other free agents down the road, as they dont want to be kicked to curb at the first sign of trouble. If a free agent is picking between 2 teams who both check all their boxes and offer about the same money, something like that could be the deciding factor. Kelly, on the other hand, is given zero guaranteed money and is essentially on a tryout to win a practice squad position, with possibly a shot at a backup qb job a year from now. There isnt a person in the Colts building that doesnt understand that he is a 1 in a million reclamation project that is on extremely thin ice. But if it doesnt happen, we cut him and lose nothing. You are comparing apples to oranges.
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