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As the Official Fan Forum for the Indianapolis Colts, our goal is to provide a well moderated community where NFL fans can enjoy a family-friendly welcoming environment for discussing Colts football, the NFL, and other topics of mutual interest. This is a place where Where 'football gurus' and casual fans can meet and enjoy each others company on a shared topic of interest.

Civility, a welcoming atmosphere, tolerance, humor, mutual respect and individual commitment to the community are our over-riding goals.

In addition to individual adherence to the community norms (but equally essentail) are our volunteers who moderate the site and aim to lay out clear boundaries of socially acceptable behavior that facilitates quality discussion.

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    • It will end up being Cooks for Butler since the Saints will end up giving the Pats the 32 pick back.
    •   Who was Stafford's division competition?  {Packers, Vikings, Bears} Who was Andrew Lucks division competition?  {Texans, Titans, Jaguars}   Now, In the same time frame-   How many playoffs, conference championships, and Super Bowls does the Colts AFC South opponents have? How many playoffs, conference championships, and Super Bowls does the Lions NFC North opponents have?   I hate arbitrary milestones without qualifications, as the ease of the path to the destination isn't always the same for all teams.
    • I say Stevie T. If not you wait until next year and get Vita Vea or Lowell Loutelei.
    • Current cap space: $31.76 mil   Extensions (During the season): Donte Moncrief - 4 years, $26mil - Level with what Mohammed Sanu got from Atlanta last year. Jack Mewhort - 5 years, $35mil - Level with what Josh Sitton got from Chicago last year.   Updated cap space allowing for mid-season extensions: $18.26mil   Free Agency: Zach Brown - ILB - 3 years, $18m - This is still a move I'd love to make. CB has completely turned around our LB corps. One thing that is still missing is a legit MIKE sized ILB. He's was very productive in his year with Buffalo. He didn't like the way his agent was negotiating so he went with new representation. The Dolphins decided to re-up with Kiko Alonso, Oakland apparently low-balled him. We are the only team that he has had contact with where the negotiations haven't had a real reason to close. Someone will get him, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be us.   Updated cap space: $12.26mil    Draft: I'm predicting a double trade this draft. In the grand scheme of things the whole thing adds up to a moderate trade down in the first in exchange for a trade up from the mid-3rd to the early 2nd. We trade down with the Giants to #23. The Giants could trade up with us if any of Taco Charlton, Derek Barnett, OJ Howard or similar prospects drop. In return we pick up a 2nd round pick (#55). We then package the #55 pick and our 3rd round pick to the Rams in exchange for the number #37 pick. These trades were worked out via the PFF Draft Pick Value Chart.   Round 1: Tre'Davious White - CB - LSU - 5'11 192lbs - Experienced island corner with quick twitch athleticism and exceptional fundamental footwork. Awarded the coveted #18 jersey at LSU, symbolizing success and selfless attitude on and off the field. Already has the game of an NFL man-coverage corner. He’s aggressive and handsy but largely manages to stay within the PI rules. When the ball is in the air near him, he’s going to attempt a play on it, even if that means running through a receiver. There are concerns about his run support physicality, similar to Gareon Conley. I think his ceiling is as a very good press-man CB1. He starts day 1 opposite Vontae.   Round 2 #37 : Jarrad Davis - ILB - Florida - 6'1 238lbs - Ideal WILL. An explosive athlete who has the ability to cover a lot of ground. He uses his speed and quick-twitch ability to make plays from sideline to sideline. He’s at his best when he has space to flow to the football. This allows him to use his speed and closing burst to quickly attack the ball carrier. His short-area quickness is absolutely elite and to the point where it surprises some offensive players. This quickness is most apparent when he decides to get after the quarterback on a delayed blitz. He’s someone who forces the quarterback to make quick decisions and more often than not, mistakes. He needs to do a better job working off blocks. He struggles working through traffic and disengaging. Although Florida’s defensive line didn’t do him many favours as they rarely occupied blockers. He starts next to Zach Brown.   Round 2: Desmond King - FS/CB - Iowa - 5'10 200lbs - Smart and instinctive defensive back who knows who to read developing routes. He routinely puts himself in a strong position to make a play on the football. King also features good ball skills that allow him to pull down interceptions. Iowa asks King to follow the opponents top playmaker which includes lining up on the outside and in the slot. In the NFL I think his best fit is at Free Safety, due to his mix of strengths and lack of ideal long speed for CB. Butler is on a 1 year deal and King can share time initially and eventually start at Free Safety. This gives us the flexibility to move Butler back to nickel in an injury situation.     Round 4: Jake Butt - TE - Michigan - 6'6 250lbs - Far from a finished product but has benefited from playing under Jim Harbaugh in a pro-style system and being played often as a traditional tackle-adjacent inline TE. As a blocker, he is very raw. There are times when he displays a decent punch and gets his hands inside, but more often than not he doesn't get locked onto a defender and won't routinely win against LBs in the run game. This will need to be coached. He needs to add strength in his upper body in order to display a stronger punch that jars the defender. As a receiver, the added strength will help him in his routes more than anything. He usually gets an easy release and good separation. Outside of that, he is pretty gifted as a receiver. He is ahead of most college tight ends in the amount of routes he can run effectively. He separates well and extends his hands to the ball routinely. He'd be a very effective running mate and support for Jack Doyle. Although he is currently recovering from an ACL tear.   Round 4: Jourdan Lewis - CB - Michigan - 5'10 188lbs - Lewis often gets overshadowed by Peppers but is a very talented player in his own right. He is a balanced and fluid athlete. He does a great job keeping in-phase with his target and limiting separation. His ability to stick to his target is thanks to his short-area quickness, fluidity and commitment to keeping his pads down. Ultra-competitive with an overwhelming drive to succeed. Allowed just seven catches in 2016 for completion percentage against of 23.3. An annoyance from press coverage. Squats on top of his target waiting to punch and impede. Twitchy feet can stick and close to the ball instantly when he reads pass. Somewhat limited in coverage options due to matchup concerns against elite NFL size. Maintains tight coverage downfield and waits for the receiver's eyes to cue him in on when to turn and find it. In three years as a starter, he's credited with 42 passes defended, including six interceptions. Allowed just two touchdowns during same time frame. I'll be honest, I'm not sure he'll be there at this point. Due to his arrest on a domestic violence incident he COULD drop. Although the comments from the police make me think it wasn't a serious incident since they've said it wasn't initially clear who the instigator was. Due to his mix of lack of ideal size but fantastic short area quickness, it makes him an great fit as a slot corner.    Round 4 (Comp Pick): Eddie Vanderdoes - DT/DE - UCLA - 6'3 303lbs - Hugely talented but derailed by an ACL injury in the 2015 season. Didn't regain his form in 2016, but if he does regain his form with NFL level coaching & strength and conditioning training then he could be a steal. His body type belies his surprising athleticism. Solid functional lateral movement and change of direction. Able to spin out of blocks with quick feet. Gives good chase along backside. Booming power in his hands to tilt rep in his favour after initial punch. Explodes hips into contact to dislodge blockers. Has strength and ability to play nose tackle or three-technique. All of this is entirely dependant on whether he can regain his earlier form. At this point he is a low risk high reward pick.   Round 5: James Conner - RB - Pittsburgh - 6'1 233lbs - An absolute load to take down. Always falls forward and rarely goes down on first contact. Has good vision and excels at finding cutback lanes and getting upfield. Doesn’t dance, always runs downhill decisively. Utilizes a punishing stiff arm to break tackles on the edge. Possesses great feet for a big guy and runs with great balance. Always able to take a hit and then press on for extra yards. Average athlete that is not involved in the passing game. Very much an early down or short yardage back at the next level. Team captain known for incredible resilience and mental toughness. Leaned down and added more muscle mass this season. Arm tackles are a waste of time. Carries heavy momentum behind pads at finish. Drops shoulder to punish final tackler. Tore his MCL in the 2015 season and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma during the rehab process. Returned cancer free for the 2016 season. He is not your every down RB of the future. At this point he can take some of the load off of Gore who still has juice in him but I'd prefer to decrease his load somewhat in what could well be his last year. In the future he would act as your thunder back in your rotation. His lack of ideal burst and long speed drop him here.    Depth Chart: Offense: QB - A Luck, S Tolzein RB - F Gore, J Conner, R Turbin, UDFA WR - T Hilton, D Moncrief, P Dorsett, C Rogers, T Smith, TE - J Doyle, J Butt, E Swoope, B Williams OT - A Castonzo, L Clark, OG - J Mewhort, D Good, J Haeg C - R Kelly, B Schwenke, A Blythe Defense: NT - A Woods, D Parry DT - K Langford, T McGill, M Hunt, H Ridgeway DE - H Anderson, E Vanderdoes SAM - J Simon, C Maggitt RUSH - J Sheard, B Mingo MIKE - Z Brown, A Morrison,  WIL - J Davis, S Spence, E Jackson, CB - V Davis, T White, J Lewis, R Melvin, UDFA FS - D King, D Butler, M Farley SS - C Geathers, TJ Green   Special Teams: K - A Vinatieri P - J Locke LS - M Overton
    • No they won't. They have Haeg. Haeg's best position is RT. If you draft Lamp you have either Clark or Haeg at RT.
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