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Short Version


Board Rules

1. Absolutely no profanity or obscene, vulgar or violent posts, period.

2. Zero tolerance for personal attacks on anyone including the mods.

3. Don’t write in all CAPS! It’s “YELLING” and unnecessary.

4. No soliciting, selling tickets, merch or anything else. No spamming or illegal activity.

5. No political or religious discussions.

6. No “nonsense” posts, this includes rumors.

7. Fans from ALL NFL teams are welcome. They get along in real life and we expect the same here. No exceptions

8.) No posting or requesting illegal online streaming links. No discussion about your use of illegal streaming links.

Our mission

As the Official Fan Forum for the Indianapolis Colts, our goal is to provide a well moderated community where NFL fans can enjoy a family-friendly welcoming environment for discussing Colts football, the NFL, and other topics of mutual interest. This is a place where Where 'football gurus' and casual fans can meet and enjoy each others company on a shared topic of interest.

Civility, a welcoming atmosphere, tolerance, humor, mutual respect and individual commitment to the community are our over-riding goals.

In addition to individual adherence to the community norms (but equally essentail) are our volunteers who moderate the site and aim to lay out clear boundaries of socially acceptable behavior that facilitates quality discussion.

If you'd like a further explanation of the Code of Conduct, please continue reading here: http://forums.colts....tion=boardrules


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