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I need some help at WR so I was thinking of releasing Michael Crabtree since I no longer have any faith in him and because of his injury. The notable WR's that are left are:

Lee Evans, Bal

Hines Ward, Pit

Derrick Mason, NYJ

Deion Branch, NE

And then the TO/Moss/Housh who are waiting to get picked up.

My current receivers are:

Dez Bryant, Dal

Pierre Garcon, Ind

Antonio Gates, SD

Jordy Nelson, GB

Tony Gonzalez, Atl

Michael Crabtree, SF

Roy Williams, Chi

So is it worst releasing anyone, and picking one of those veterans up or should I just wait and see what happens with Crabtree's injuries?

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I would rather have Ward or Mason in that bunch...is Robert Mechum still out there...if so I would take him.

Nope Meachem is gone..Ward was one of my favorites to pick up, even though Mike Wallace is the #1 target now...even though I think Lee Evans might be interesting since he's in Baltimore now and Derrick Mason is gone. Do you really think Mason has anything left in the tank, especially with Mark Sanchez throwing to him?

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