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8 hours ago, sb41champs said:

Do you think that either Carson Wentz - OR - Matt Ryan will ever play another snap in the NFL?

Wentz yes,think he will enter season as a 3 and eventually get snaps. Ryan however looks beyond shot and cant see any team giving him an in.

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Carson Wentz is only 30 so he will find work as a backup somewhere. As far as being a starter he is cooked. Matty Ice needs to retire, he had a Hall of Fame career but is old and shot. He would be a great offensive Coordinator somewhere if he chose to do that. He was a good leader, won an MVP, and played in a SB, also threw for a crap load of yards. These are 2 QB's as Colts fans we need to forget about, they just didn't cut it in a Colts uniform.


Peyton was the best Colts QB of all-time, I think Untias was second. 3rd is a toss up between Jones and Luck. QB's like Harbaugh and Rivers gave us good to great play for 1 year. Harbaugh in 1995, Rivers in 2020. You guys know how I feel about Earl Morrall - he had some of the most ridiculous passes that went for INT's with guys wide open in SB 3. SB 3 is unforgivable. Jacoby and Hasselbeck were great backup's to have around.


Hopefully AR can be a great one and write his own story.

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