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Revis unhappy with current contract might holdout......again


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I would agree with you 100% if it went both ways, but it doesn't. NFL teams terminate contracts that they agreed to every year, and it doesn't have to be because of injury. How many Colts got cut this offseason that were not at the end of their contracts simply because the new front office was cleaning house? I didn't see much outrage over that, but when a player decides that he wants to rework a contract then he is not upholding his legal obligation. It should be a two-way street.

Teams have the contractual right to cut players. It's in the contract. If a player wants a "no cut/no release" contract I'm sure they could get it, but the trade off would be less money. If a player wants guaranteed money they can get it, but it might mean less money per year.

All of these things are negotiated by the savvy agents and the players count on the agents and then sign the contracts.

At the end of the day he got a big paycheck and signed the contract. Half way through the contract he wants more. So he should be signing one year deals with the biggest amount he can get each year. But no, he wants the long term security and the highest paycheck each year.

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