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  1. Luck accuracy isnt in question for me the guy has one of the worst lines in the league.
  2. I hate this to be quite honest. I feel were putting too much pressure on our wideouts who besides Wayne are avg at best right now. Use Fleener and Allen up the seams more and let Avery and Hilton work underneath. Others on here have been saying this and thats because of how obvious it is. I like Arians but hes a bit stubborn.
  3. Luck is throwing like 74% of his throws to wrs and like 6% to his rbs. Aside from Wayne our receivers arent doing Luck justice deep.
  4. Yes RG3s stats are better but thats because of their style of offense, which is very effective. Our offense isnt really helping Luck and hes still playing great. Are running hasnt been consistent nor the receivers. Redskins are doing a better job catering to RG3s skills I wish we would do the same. Send our TEs up the seams and let our wrs do work underneath.
  5. Wow you guys never change RG3 is a great player and so Andrew. I was the biggest RG3 advocate on here and honestly if we had to do it again Id go with Luck but it has nothing to do with skill. Anyone still denying RG3s skills is clearly bias.
  6. CLEARLY this was all a spy mission I except the Colts to sign him any day now
  7. Luck in the future will time travel backwards and mentor himself
  8. 4,450 yards 39 TDS 3 INTS 4 rush yards 4 TDS
  9. Clearly Luck is going to play longer than 20 years. I mean with his mental prowess and ability to call safe plays. He probably wont ever be sacked.
  10. It seems that way but with Lucks deadly accuracy and the simplicity of our new offense. Luck will have the better year, RG3 will only have more rushing yards but whocares.
  11. WE HAVE THE BETTER TEAM! Garcons a bum he wont be able to handle those rifle shots coming out of RG3s arm. He could barely catch Peytons touch passes.
  12. were going to the PLAYOFFS!!!
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