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    • Tobin did an excellent job...r.i.p
    • https://www.nfl.com/news/bill-tobin-longtime-nfl-executive-dies-at-age-83   He drafted some all time great players like Harrison, and of course is famous for his verbal match with Mel Kiper. RIP!
    • Then begs the question. Do u want to say draft a MJH at 4 and turn around in 4 years or would u say draft Turner and pay him 30mill in 4 years? All day every day for the franchise rush end. I am not a big believer in 30 mill for a wr. Reid is a fantastic coach and look what he did with Hill.
    • I literally just posted that clip, it's where the conversation about QBs started.
    • Funny you brought this up.  I just listened to an interview Ballard did today with Rich Eisen.  He asked him if he has given any thought on how many quarterbacks will be taken before our pick and how many does he think.  He said sure we go through those evaluations.  It helps us with for planning purposes.  He asked him how many.  4 or 5 or 6?   He laughed out loud at 6.  He said Rich if it’s 6 we will be so excited.  Let’s hope so.  He also said the draft board is not yet set.  Won’t be until the night before the draft.  He also said he has had multiple conversations with other GM’s concerning the draft.  Preparing themselves for opportunities that could take place.  And they will continue up until the draft starts.  He said trade conversations won’t really materialize until you are within three picks of any trade.  Giving you time to finalize it.  Interesting interview.  Oh he pretty much ruled out moving up for Harrison.   Going up into the top of the draft would be very costly for him he said.  Thinks he’s a great talent but he thinks he’s pretty much out of our reach.
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