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What's Bud Adams Smoking? Wonders Why He Didn't Get Manning. Thinks Titans Were "perfect" Fit.


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He wonders why Peyton Manning didn't join the Titans? I think Bud Adams is losing it. Let's see what went wrong:

1.) Their star RB, Chris Johnson, held out for more money, then failed to deliver the goods when he hit the field. Why should Manning put up with this clown? You know something's wrong when this guy's the face of your franchise:


2.) He was in the same division as the Colts, who he spent his entire career with up until now.

3.) Last year, the Titans ranked 31st in rushing and 24th in run defense. If Peyton wanted more of that, he'd join back with the Colts!

4.) They used a 1st round 8th overall pick on a QB last season. How does that pick help Manning?

5.) They have no legitimate #1 WR threat.

6.) They lost Jeff Fisher the season before last. He was one of the longest tenured head coaches in NFL history. That's a hard loss to bounce back from so soon.

7.) The staff was so obsessed with Manning, they scared him away! They say when Manning showed up, they had detailed plans how he would be used in the offense. Manning should decide the offense, not the other way around. Then they promise Manning "a contract for life." Yikes, that's too much too soon for a QB who hadn't even practiced with the team yet! Then one day, they chat with Manning an astonishing 7 hours! Did Bud Adams put Manning to sleep? Meanwhile, Tennessee lobbyists passed legislation asking Manning to sign with the Titans!




Bud Adams even plays the old man card by saying, "On my next birthday I will be 90 years old. So I felt he could get us in the championship quickly.” My condolences to you, Mr. Adams, but I don't see what that has to do with getting Manning. Even with Manning, the Titans were not in a position to win a championship, so if Adams was serious about winning, he should have done it sooner. They need to start talking playoffs before they talk championships.

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Well to be fair, he met with all the teams for 6+ hours. That was Peyton, not them. But I don't think that the Titans have a lot going for them, and I do think that Adams isn't all there. Even today he referred to his belief that Peyton would want to "stay in TN". Combine that with his "keep him in TN" - "life-time contract" nonsense and it almost sounds as if he thinks that Peyton has been a part of the team for 14 years, instead of their toughest rival.

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CJ2K had the worst year of his career and is most likely going to bounce back since he will have a full off-season. Holdouts always decrease performance because players don't workout as much as they do when they are with the team. It takes them time to get back to full speed. So he will be back at full speed next year and gives Peyton a reliable running threat.

He knows the division well, as he has spent many hours on each field and has studied each team extensively.

I'm sure even Peyton knows he isn't a long term QB solution for anyone. Having Locker there will help the Titans future franchise QB learn from one of the best.

Kenny Britt is a solid WR

Just playing Devil's advocate; I would have hated to see Peyton play for the Titans

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