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What If The Tuck Rule Went Differently?

Blue Horseshoe

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Yeah..it could go either way and not a huge deal. I just think stripping the ball is one thing over knocking the ball when its coming back (tuck) which is so vunerable and doesn't take much skill. Still..thats 14 more fumbles a year than the ones we already have:) But it wouldn't bother me if they changed it...or kept it.

The tight PI is my biggest beef...huge game changer when often the DB just gets tangled up etc........

A situation like that should be reviewed. Personally, I wish they would adopt the NCAA review process with an official in the booth the deciding factor as opposed to the ref going under the hood.

Interesting article.


It's mostly about fumbles...

Fumbles occur on 18.0% of all sacks.

So that is fairly low, and a tuck/fumble would essentially occur on sack/near sack. I'm just a fan of a clear cut yes or no type deal. Which in this case, it's either a passing attempt or a fumble, and if it wasn't an open hand, then it's an incomplete pass. I feel that would make it much easier to digest. Of course as soon as they would change it, the Patriots would benefit from it or the Colts would be victim to it, but that is just how it goes.

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Whoa count me out:)

I think its a good rule for the same reason they want to keep it. To not add to more fumbles and luck of the game. Furthermore a RB can secure the ball...a QB bringing it back in...well even I could knock it out of his hand. Not much skill there.

Well, like Yehoodi said, the object is to determine an "end point" to the passing motion.

But there are several other rules that are based strictly on the refs' interpretation of what they see. 12 men on the field isn't a judgment call. Pass interference is.

Personally I think the refs' judgment should be trusted on these plays. If it does get called an average of 14 times a year, that's not all that much considering you're talking about thousands of plays.

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actually they had two chances. Stop us from tying it up to get to OT. And stopping us in OT.

cardinal sin is not to get demoralized over ref's call for the next play...nevermind the multiple plays it took to win it. I find it hard though that they were demoralized for well over 10 plays. Heck Wiggins caught the ball 8 times on one of those drives.

I think it comes down to a simple solution. Don't blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead in a game that is very difficult to score points in.

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