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Hilton or Rogers?


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OK. I have a big game coming up!!!


I am trying to figure out my flex spot.  I currently am starting:


WR1: AJ Green

WR2: J Gordon

Flex: K Allen


I am thinking about putting in TY or Rogers for Allen...  what do you think??

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Allen suffered a shoulder-injury last game so he might not go at 100% vs Denver so keep that in mind.


TY is playing through shoulder injury as well, but he always kills the Texans.


Rogers is still a wildcard. He had a good game last week, but I wouldn't start him over your studs just because of that one game.


I'd take the safer route and start Allen personally.

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Wow nice QB's. You should've traded one or 2 of them for great position players.

I had Luck all year.  I traded Antonio Gates for Brady right before he went off against PIT.  Someone else had Stafford and Rivers all year and dropped rivers for some reason.  I added him for basically this week.


RB Gore

RB Murray

WR Gordon

WR Green

TE Thomas

DST Seattle 

Flex Allen/Hilton/Rogers/Jennings/Bell


Grabbing one more skilI position guy would have been great but i have had a solid year.  Not to toot my own horn (well actually that's exactly what im doing lol) but I drafted Julius Thomas in all 3 leagues im in.  During week 1 Collinsworth said "Talk about a fantasy football sleeper.  You would have to be a genius to have drafted him."  i hit rewind and made my wife come listen to it LOL 

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