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Colts Recap -- Week 6


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Bengals 27 vs Colts 17

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter CIN.png TD A.Green 11 yd. pass from A.Dalton(M.Nugent kick) (6-44, 2:16)

2nd Quarter IND.png TD D.Brown 18 yd. run (A.Vinatieri kick) (8-66, 4:08)

CIN.png FG M.Nugent 20 yd. Field Goal (12-72, 5:56)

3rd Quarter CIN.png TD C.Benson 1 yd. run (M.Nugent kick) (6-52, 2:59)

CIN.png FG M.Nugent 43 yd. Field Goal (11-56, 6:00)

4th Quarter IND.png FG A.Vinatieri 46 yd. Field Goal (9-52, 2:24)

IND.png TD D.Clark 1 yd. pass from C.Painter(A.Vinatieri kick) (10-74, 4:14)

CIN.png TD C.Dunlap 35 yd. fumble return (M.Nugent kick)

What the Colts did Right

The Colts played well; well enough to win this game. They were driving and doing well, and it looked like they were going to do a touchdown late. Curtis Painter had a good game, throwing some really nice passes to Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and one nice one to Austin Collie. The running game had it's moments, and it was generally pretty good. The offensive line provided pretty good protection throughout the game, giving Curtis a good amount of time to throw the ball. The Colts offense played very well in the second half, scoring 10 points. They played more consistent than previous weeks, but not enough to win.

On defense, the Colts had some bright spots. The Colts pass defense wasn't great, but the cornerbacks proved to us that they're very good tacklers. The run defense was good, as they held the Bengals running game to 3.2 yards per carry, but they allowed some big runs on some key downs. Pat Angerer had a good game, and the same with Ernie Sims.

What the the Colts did Wrong

Well, the Colts did quite a bit of things wrong. For starters, the Colts started off badly, but they came around. Dallas Clark played horribly early, fumbling his first catch of the game. Pierre Garcon also coughed up the football late in the game, and that cost us the game. Curtis Painter wasn't horrible, but we needed a perfect performance from him to win, and we didn't get that. Now... defense.

On defense, the Colts pass defense was just awful. Jerraud Powers played pretty badly, Jacob Lacey got benched (finally!), and Terrence Johnson got beat. They let Jerome Simpson, AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham just walk all over them. A rookie quarterback shouldn't be doing this to the Colts! The Colts are clearly missing Melvin Bullit, as without him there's a big hole missing at SS. Melvin isn't great, but the backups are just awful. The defensive line was terrible too. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis couldn't do any damage, not even getting any effective pressure on the QB, plus the DTs were bad too. A big reason why they beat us.

On special teams, the kick and punt return teams were terrible, especially terrible this week. Pat McAfee screwed up a snap, and that kick was eventually blocked. Adam Vinatieri made a field goal, but had one blocked.

The coaching was terrible... Jim Caldwell is not motivated, all he says is the good, and never the bad. He needs to mention the bad, discuss the bad, and fix the bad. He has no control on the team.

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